Help! Lexapro - daughter just stopped it - psychiatrist not calling me back!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Iamwipedouttoo, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. Iamwipedouttoo

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    I need some help.

    difficult child was prescribed Lexapro last week. 5mg to start for two weeks. Then 10mg.

    We decided to leave it up to difficult child whether she took the medication or not.

    Anyway, she was taking it daily at night before bed until last night when she missed a dose. So she was on it for 6 days 5mg only (the starting dosage).

    When I asked her about the dose she missed she said she wasn't taking it anymore because it made her feel like crying about nothing all the time. I was fine with that (thinking side effects - symptoms worsening - not good) but reminded her that we needed to talk to the psychiatrist before she just stopped any medication to be sure she didn't need to step down off it to make sure she didn't have any problems from just stopping. I was bascially told she's not taking it regardless.

    I did what I was supposed to do and called the psychiatrist first thing to ask her what to do about the missed dose and whether or not difficult child could just stop these medications.

    Many phones calls later I finally get through to someone at the psychiatrist's office (I had left a message with the answering service when the office was supposed to be open) and apparently the only thing they can do is ask the doctor to and I quote "hopefully" call me. She is not available until Friday and noone is on call to cover?!

    Before we all get worked up about how this is unaccptable to say the least, I really need some answers...

    If we are just in the starting dosage of Lexapro is it okay to just stop it?

    I am thinking that since she is just taking a starting dose that it should not be a big deal to just stop so maybe I'm freaking about nothing.

    My fear is I could be wrong and my daughter will suffer because I can't get through to the psychiatrist or someone else who has a clue.

    Anyone have any experience with this??
  2. smallworld

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    We're not doctors and should not substitute for advice you get from your own medical professionals.

    However, I will share my own experiences with tapering off Lexapro. When I discontinued taking it, the only side effect I felt was temperature dysregulation (suddenly very hot for no reason). The side effect disappeared after a few days.

    Other SSRI withdrawal side effects can include headache, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and fatigue. Since your daughter was only on Lexapro for 6 days, there's a chance she may not experience any side effects.
  3. jal

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    I too, can only share my own experience. I tried it a few years ago and it was the only time I'd ever been on any medication. By day 3 or 4 I was itching so bad I stopped it. I experienced no side effects from stopping.
  4. slsh

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    I would try checking with your pharmacist since psychiatrist is unavailable.
  5. AnnieO

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    When I first started Lexapro it really messed me up for a few days (10mg to start, now on 20) - felt disconnected, upset, etc. for about a week - actually a little more.

    With most ADs it takes a couple of weeks to notice any results other than side effects.

    Unless she is homicidally hallucinating, I'd say stick with it for a while till you can get the psychiatrist.
  6. Iamwipedouttoo

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    Thereapy doctor didn't call back. The office has us scheduled to go in Monday.

    I am going to talk to the psychiatrist about not having someone on call. Is this normal for a private practice to do this? Most regular docs, even if in private practice alone, still have a doctor who will cover for them when they are not available. Maybe it is different with psychiatrists.

    difficult child refuses to take the medications at all at this point which I am fine with. She has made it clear she didn't need to take them if she wanted to stop even though I told her we needed to talk to the psychiatrist before she just stopped. She's not hearing it.

    I'm exhausted.
  7. smallworld

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    It is customary for a psychiatrist in private practice to either call back himself or to have another psychiatrist cover him when he is not available. That's how the three we see operate. When you think about it, it's pretty risky to operate any other way.
  8. JJJ

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    Our psychiatrist is only in 2 days per week and no one covers the other 5. We are directed to the emergency room. The nurse works 5 days per week but she is limited in what she can do.

    Our pharmacist is now almost family after the many, many calls to her.