Help me...she got her license!

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    The main reason I let her take her driving test was because I didn't think she would pass, and I thought that if the corrections came from a stranger with a clipboard, they would be accepted rather than if Mom said it. But the State of CA, in its infinite wisdom, passed her. While she was still happy, I gave her the guidelines for driving. Number one is follow all rules of the road. Number two, medications must be taken on a regular basis as prescribed. Number three, grades must stay at a B average or better. Number four, all house rules must be followed. Number five, if you are not participating in marching band, you must get a job and support your truck. If all rules are not followed, I take your keys and you're back to the city bus. Please send prayers and kind thoughts in this direction. I'm not only worried about her, I'm worried for her.
  2. Prays and hugs to you~While I still have about 4 more years I still cringe at the idea of my son driving...They dont wont to follow our rules I can imagine how they handle rules when we are not there!! Oh well we all will go through this and I too will be asking for prayers and warning everyone else "STAY OFF THE ROAD THEY ARE DRIVING!!" lol I wish you all the very best of luck!

    Fingers crossed and prayers going up!!
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    Huge Hugs to you KTMom. My son will be 15 in May, so he will be allowed to get his.... not even sure what they call it anymore - you know the one they get and can drive as long as an adult is in the car. Well that adult is going to have to be his dad. I can't even imagine me in the passenger seat beside him. Maybe after I have taken a couple of xanax?? :rofl:

    Like you, I have already told him all the rules before he is allowed to drive alone - grades, behavior etc...

    Hopefully it won't be near as bad as our minds have conjured up!
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    My difficult child just got his license in January. I cringed but he seems to be handling things. There have been days that he doesn't want to drive and certain places he's still not comfortable driving to. I don't hesitate to drive him on those days or to those places.
    I've gotten positive feedback from neighbors and friends that have seen him driving around.
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    Your rules sound pretty normal.
    Life is the best teacher. She will learn. I'll cross my fingers just in case, though.
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    My oldest, my difficult child still does not have her permit or license at age 19. Why? becuz I did not feel she would be safe out driving. She is not aggressive, but she panics, has a lot of phobias and fears, and can be impulsive. I do not care if the state said she could drive, I said "no" And since she turned 18 she has not had the money to go try.
    My easy child does have her license. And he drives. IL has some very strict laws about teen drivers- I hear they are some of the toughest in the country. Then along comes mom, and I added even MORE rules. :) Being "mom" I am allowed to do that. LOL. She had an extra hard time putting in all her required practice hours, becuz I am NEVER a passenger in ANYONES car, not EVER. Thankfully her mentor and her dad did that. I HAVE been out and about when she has not known, watching her......
    She does not have her own car.....she has to pay her portion of the car insurance (and it is extremely high becuz her dads driving stinks, and our car insurance passed some of HIS reputation etc on to her insurance, I am not sure why) Oh yes, LOTS of rules, like I said my state is very rigid, and so am I. For the last 2 years our TV news has been doing this ongoing special on teen drivers, and so has our local newspaper, becuz our area has a VERY high rate of bad accidents/crashes involving teen drivers. IL also has made drivers ed required in HS in order to graduate (even for handicapped kids etc)...altho our court system has also recently adopted a policy that ANY type of legal problems, even those unrelated to driveing automatically can cause you to be unable to GET your license before age 18 or 21. Truancy, curfew, anything.

    I keep reminding easy child that even if SHE is a decent driver, there are LOTS of people out there who are NOT such good drivers. I also keep reminding her driving is a privilege. We do not have busses here, nor taxicabs.....we are kind of rural.....and I am not always well enough to chauffer the kids where they want to go....BUT....I will still pull the keys for even slight infractions. I also always welcome a phone call if weather turns or she feels maybe she is tired or something, I would come get her where ever she might be. I also always remind all my kids to never ever get into a car with anyone who seems impaired in ANY way (whether it be suspected alcohol, drugs, sleepy, ill, whatever) or if the car seems to not be acting right....I will ALWAYS come get them, no punishment.
    ..just call me.
    It really makes me nervous to have them out on the roads, so vulnerable-----yeesh. BUT I prefer my easy child to be doing the driving rather than being a passenger in any of her friends cars. IL also has severe limits on who can have passengers in their car, so it is not usually anything at this time, and I am glad. LOL. Some of her friends who passed their license tests YIKEs, scares me a lot!
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    Love your rules! I will be using them when easy child gets her license. However, at the rate she is going she may not get hers. I'm going to be telling her she has to have a "B" average in order to take driver's ed.

    Hugs to you-I think having teenage drivers is hard on parents.

    Prayers that she follows the rules you've set and she stays a safe driver.
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    Hugs to you.

    My older daughter did not get her license until she was 18 because she refused to follow similar, simple rules as you had laid out. So we just never took her for the test.

    The good new is that by the time she did turn 18, she had matured enough to be a responsible driver.

    Here is hoping that your daughter can do the same. You have some very good ground rules set out.
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    good luck that is soo soo scarey truly.

    Jen :)