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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by SnowAngel, May 23, 2008.

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    We haf our IEP meeting 2 weeks ago.At that meeting it was agreed that they would take out some assumptions in the "modeling behavior" section of his BIP.They didn't.We know have a meeting to correct this issue.Here is the original statements:

    Ducky's behavior may be copied from his parents behavior at home.If he is not copying their behavior,he is certainly learning from them that he does not need to face consequences for his behavior.As an example,Ducky was absent from school 19.5 days,the majority of these absences were excused by his parents.He is not modeling behavior from school.

    My son is 10.He doesn't ditch school.I have had behavioral issues at home in the morning which led to a few absences.The other days he was sick.They dont know what we do in our home.My sons counselor was there at that meeting and she stuck up for us,but apparently they left it in.Three teachers and the SD superintendent agreed it was not appropriate.

    What should be put in the "modeling behavior"?
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    I don't know what should be put under "modeling behavior," but in the future, I'd recommend getting a note from the pediatrician excusing every illness and a note from the psychiatrist excusing any mental health-related absence. Send the notes into the school the day your son returns to school and keep a copy for your own records.
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    I don't know that I can help much but wwill try since you are in a hurry today. First, I don't recall seeing this section in my difficult child's BIP but clearly, what they have written is focused on trying to blame the parents instead of concentrating on strategies to help the student. Definitely have that removed. Think about the problems as YOU see them (difficulty waking up, unmotivated in mornings, anxiety, whatever you think they are). Then, think about things like if he is sick, do you encourage him to go to school and try to make it, knowing he can go to the sd nurse and call if he feels worse later, or have rewards/consequences in place? I don't know what would be right for Ducky, but I just want to stress that it sounds like you will have to put forth a lot of effort to keep them focused on constructive strategies and not criticism of him or you.

    Remember- don't sign it there- bring it home and tell them you will look iot over this weekend. This takes pressure off of you.

    Good luck! I wish I could be more help!
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    I never sign IEPs at the meeting.

    I would not allow the statement to remain in the IEP either. You could say the same, e.g., we don't see the problems you see at home so difficult child must be modeling behavior seen at school.
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    Thank you. I hope I can stay calm. The last time I saw the school psychologist she was talking down to me. She said "you just dont understand the seriousness of this situation. Your son is on his way to becomming a sociopath." This is based on him being disrespectful to the school staff that dont take the time to listen to him even if he is in the wrong.