help! my teen can't go to sleep OR wake up!

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  1. weatheringthestorm

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    My son is BiPolar (BP), ADD and ODD. He's on Buproprian, Seraquel, Adderall, Allegra, a multi-vitamin and Omega 3.

    He has a lot of problems falling asleep. He used to take Mellatonin but claimed it didn't work. He's very resistant to taking any medications, but slightly more open minded to natural things. Is there anything to help him get to sleep better?

    He also has a lot of trouble waking up. He's always been a deep sleeper, but jeeze! It takes about 10 min of calling, shaking, knocking, etc to even get him to stir much less get up. Needless to say this wakes his brother in the top bunk. I know he isn't getting enough sleep and according to his psychiatrist has to wake up at a time that isn't natural for a teen (5:30 am)but waking has always been a problem.

    Any advice?
  2. Lothlorien

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    You can try Valerian root. It's also found in the vitamin section. What dose of Melatonin was he taking?
  3. weatheringthestorm

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    10 mg about an hour or so before bed. I'll try the Valerian root. I should have thought of that - I used to give that to him when he was a preschooler to help calm and prevent the tantrums.
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    I think I tried to post to this previously, but somehow it ended up under quackwatch. If you guys are still having troubles with sleep I mentioned some things that have helped us here at home. best wishes.
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    I have some thoughts if you would like to visit...via email

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    I know back when my son was on Adderall he had to take something to help him sleep. It was a script though not natural.

    Maybe the Adderall is the problem?