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    dig me out of this!

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    Ok, I think they have me working with someone new or less knowledgable for this clearance paperwork- just like they did/do in the HR dept. He was telling me I HAD to use a fingerprint card that apparently no one in this state uses- then it turns out there was nothing wrong with using the form our agencies use here. He sends me a continuation sheet to use for adding more specifics about debts, but the continuation sheet is ONLY for adding more places I have lived, worked, or went to school, if extra space iis needed.

    Then, I looked AGAIN at the release form for medical (mental health) treatment. The directions say to sign and include it ONLY if "yes" was answered for receiving mental health treatment OTHER than family therapy or marital counseling or grief not related to violence by me. Needless to say, I answered "No" to that question. If you answer yes, you are supposed to list the dates and provider, and of course, they use the release form to get info from that provider. I have not listed any provider. I did not initially send in this release form, per the instructions on it. This guy said I needed to send it in, too. I questioned that- referring to the directions and my "no" response. He said the DOD wanted it anyway. I said ok. I revieweed this again- who the heck can they get info from if I have no provider listed? They would have no clue who to send it to. Plus- the thing is good for one year and I hate to have a "blamket" release form over there for a year, knowing that difficult child and I might end up going to a therapist there. There is no space on the release form for a provider's name. They asked that over on the page where they ask if your receiving mental health treatment. I think I might email him about this and tell him I have no mental health care providers for myself- is he SURE they askedfor this.
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    It doesn't hurt to ask to clarify. Doesn't sound like this guy has a clue as to what he's doing.

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    thank you, Lisa! i won't make a big deal of it- maybe I'll just send it in but they can't do anything with it at this point. The guy keeps referring to "having to check with his supervisor" so my guess is that the put the less experienced people doing legwork with potential employees.

    That question was actually worded like "therapy related to marital, family, or grief...." so I think I'm being honest since all my visits the past 10+ years have been difficult child related. I already had listed the therapy I had when I was young and he already told me they don't care about that- he said it would be a non-issue because it happened so long ago. Plus, it happened while I was in the military so they already have access to those records.
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    Well, if it's nothing they can use anyway........and like you I don't see how they can......Maybe this guy is just trying to cover his fanny cuz he doesn't have the procedure down yet. You know how the military can be. Got to have all the right forms, all the t's crossed, i's dotted........or the world comes to a screeching halt. lol

    Maybe if he has to check with his supervisor too much the guy will just take over or put someone else on the job who can do it without having to ask him something all the time. lol ;)
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    I personally would not sign any paperwork regarding your private mental health sessions. No way.

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    Abbey, back when I was working for a DoD local national IT contractor in Germany, I had to get a clearance. That included a full credit report (the FICO scores are not enough), AND full medical/psychiatric clearances.

    I had to sign releases allowing access to my medical history for several years, as well as providing contacts to providers.\

    I didn't even handle funds or funding at all. I worked on computers, but it was during the Cold War and my company worked on the sites right along the border with East Germany and Czhechoslovakia.\

    The concerns were driven home a few months after i started work when another contractor defected across the border with three computers containing sensitive information.

    They want the credit stuff and psychiatric stuff to see how succeptible you could be to selling out.
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    Yeah- GN- when I was in the military the cold war was going on. Even without the cold war, it is standard procedure I think for people going in (although you were a civilian employee, not enlisting) to have a psychiatric test to check for 1) susceptibility to a mental breakdown and 2) making sure the person could and would fight to defend their country

    They have not asked me for ANY providers names of medical stuff so far, except for that standard question I stated below. I'm not fond of delving into all the personal problems with them, but it won't keep me from getting the clearance. I am sure of that because it was the Navy that gave me the therapy when I was younger. I had been cleared for enlisting and a clearance by them before receiving any therapy at all, so if I passed it then, I'd surely pass it now. LOL! Plus, they gave me the therapy and can look at my records and see that yes, I was seeing a therapist for ABC, the whole time maintaining my clearance and I was considered a success story. It will also have documented things like familial tremors if they look that hard. Frankly though, that serves in my favor, in my humble opinion, because it shows it isn't caused by something worse- like using meth. And, since I now have almost 25 years with a good prof record, no criminal history, no major mental health issue, I thinik it will be fine.

    Thats the long way of saying that the navy already knows I have anxiety issues and they never took my clearance away and gave me a good re-enlistment code. I guess it was documented so they know that just because I have those issues doesn't mean I am about to grab a gun and do something horrible or sell out my country. It could be that they have asked for the release so they can check that portion of my military record, which is fine. Even when I saw a therapist for myself last winter, it was due to stress and anxiety related to difficult child so that won't prevent it from clearing, or it shouldn't- if I was ever going to lose it and do something horrible, it would have been then. LOL!
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    GN...I can see that point of view, especially in this day and age. It's just not one I would go down. I can give whatever info you need on me smoking, heart disease, cancer 30 years ago...but you ain't getting any mental stuff. I've moved around so much I couldn't even provide the info. Even if I could, I would not. My personal choice which would probably prohibit me from the job. Oh, well.