Help What do I do With My 18 yr old Son

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by imatweh1964, Nov 5, 2010.

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    He is verbaly abusive, will become physically abusive only a matter of time. He wont leave my home. I have contaced the Sherrif's Dept. until he does some thing they are not able to help. I would like to not go thru that I also have a 13 yr old daughter that I have to protect and a job and all of the life things. Any advice would be helpful. Oh he 6'7" i am 5'8" , i am no match for him physically.
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    Find out what the laws are in your state about living with you. I know when we kicked our son out we actually went to the police and talked to them, they came at an agreed upon time and we served our son with a no trespass order. Since it is our house and he is over 18 he does not by law need to live here. I know there has been discussion of this before so it may depend on your state, but I would call back the sherriff and ask if you can no trespass him. If that is an option then I would draw up some kind of agreement with your son about rules to obey in the house. If he doesn't follow them then he needs to move out.
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    I agree with Toughlovin. I assume you live in the US. I am also going to assume you do not live in NY because they have some of the most asinine laws about kids between 18 and 21 I have ever read. So...if you are in any state except NY, I think you can legally evict your son. You may have to contact someone to find out exactly how to do it but it can be done.

    Since you seem to feel you may be in danger from him, contact a domestic violence shelter and they should be able to give you good advice for free. DV is not only by men towards women. It can be kids abusing their parents. It isnt that unheard of anymore.

    I know at one time we considered evicting my son by serving him with a protective order when he was released from jail. It didnt end up coming to that in the end but we did consider it.
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    Speak with a lawyer about serving your son with an eviction notice, then if he still refuses to leave the police will escort him off your property.

    Stinks that it has to be that way, but with many of our difficult children it does.