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    HEY EVERYONE I NEED HELP WITH SONS. HERE IS THE PROBLEM. My almost 5 year old is going off on us we are basicly walking around on egg shells with him he is a perfect little angel at school I am told but as soon as he gets with us he is a different little boy. If we tell him NO then he pulls at his hair, We tell him that he cant do something that he wants to do then he hits one of us. HIS BACK GROUND STORY: I was gestinal diebetic my water broke march 21st @ 3pm called dr they had me come in they told me water had not broke they let me go home. They give me medications to keep him in me. April 3rd came which was my scheduled C-section with him they had found out that he didn't have much fluid around him that my water had broken when I told them that it did. He was born a floppy baby I had him in first steps of northern Missouri. He has always been a cuddle buddy, he's always listened to everything we have said up till now. here lately he has been stacking his toys in rolls he dosent want to eat he is cold all the time he loves loud noises, I don't think he likes to really leave us though. Now my other son he is 2 years old he is scared of sounds he dosent like things taken away from him he dosent want to sleep in his own bed he gets really nervous when around a group of people if he is with his family that is ok but u get people he don't know he is freaking out. HIS BACK GROUND STORY: I was type 2 diebetic with him had to take shots to keep him in me he came at 36 weeks he is diebetic we just have to watch what he eats he has always had a chokeing problem when he eats or drinks he was born a floppy baby. Please help by giving me some answers of what may be going on with my boys.
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    Hi! Your boys sound like they could benefit from a complete evaluation from a private child development clinic or a neuropsychologist. They sound like an occupational therapy evaluation could help too.
    Kids who have sensory integration disorder can either seek stimulation in a big way or can avoid it ( sounds, tastes, textures, smells, sights).....
    Sensory problems plus odd play behaviors like using toys to stack or line up ( not once in a while but as a main play strategy ) , can be part of autism spectrum.

    Kids who have milder forms can excel in school due to the predictable structure, use of visuals to direct them, and when young, social deficits aren't as obvious because kids have a wide range of skills and are more tolerant with eachother.

    So, kids can work so hard to hold it together at school that they're spent by the time they're home.

    Those are just ideas. They are blessed to have such a caring mom who will check things out early.

    Glad to meet you and whether or not there's a "label " or diagnosis. We can relate and have ideas for non traditional parenting options if stickers and time out doesn't work well.

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    I think you need a complete neuropsychologist evaluation but also a neurologist to see if there is any neurological damage. These are two different professionals completely. A neuropsychologist checks for childhood disorders, function, and how the child is doing in all areas of development. A neurologist is a doctor who can tell you why they may have floppy muscles. It is best to do all this before school starts. They do sound kind of spectrumish, but the floppiness sort of reminds me of my son who had other issues as well...some physical. Do get them checked out. The earlier things get intervened with, the better the outcome :)