Help with Autistic / seizure sufferer


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Hi can anyone help me here? My son's on medication for seizures and his behaviour is out of control partly we think due to copying bad behaviour at 6 form or maybe due to the increase of his medications.. His currently on Topamax and Clobazam anyone else experience bad behaviour with violent outburts and animal howling ?? :sigh:


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Yup. Could be all those things. That's the hard part. Only way to know is to work with the docs to switch. Also the seizures themselves could be adding ( auras or just some extra electrical activity setting him off ) or as u know ..autism itself is associated with behavior that can be triggered due to sensory stuff, not reading cues, transitions, processing problems ...on and on .... do you have a psychiatric who knows autism to help with home issues? Do you see patterns to the behavior?
What kinds of school therapies or home therapies do you receive?
Welcome. Im on my phone so hope this isn't too messed up LOL


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Welcome, Portch. Just wanted you to know that I've read your post and glad you found us. Unfortunately I have no experience that would be helpful but am sending supportive caring thoughts your way. Hugs DDD


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OH by the way, when does the howling happen? My son makes animal sounds and other sounds that are tics. Has done this even before he was on stimulants so it is not only from that, but could certainly be worse from the stims.

I remember being in a restaurant with a mom who had a kid who was barking and I was going to go tell my son to stop and I realized it was HER kid who it turned out had been adopted too. It was very interesting. He had been adopted from foster care like my son. He was born prematurely and addicted to crack cocaine. Our stories were different but both boys had neuro. damage and it was crazy how alike they sounded.