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    :sad-very:I need help with something very important and it's about my aunt. Awhile ago she went to the hospital and did a golbladder surgery. The doctors did the surgery for her and they immediately sent her home. They did this because a bomb interfered with the hospital. she lives in the middle east and she has been living there for the past three years. The doctors didn't make sure what the future side effects would be because she felt better and the doctors moved to another country because of war. Right now she went to the capital of the country she lives in. There is a special doctor there and they did a blood test for her and she may have a type of cancer and the whole case of this is a bad infection in her stomach. the problem is WBC and the number of it is 12,000. Also HB-8.9 and ESR-40. the white blood cells are the highest and the red blood cells are going lower. I also need to know what that type of cancer this is and I want to know what these numbers are and what they stand for. I am really worried and I don't want the cancer to effect her. I really want her to get better. Thank you for your time.
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    ESR is eosinophil refill. Not sure what HB is.

    Not sure this is the right place for you, here. This is a website regarding parents of children with conduct disorders and behavioral issues.