Her Knee is BLACK


Roll With It
Jess has had knee problems ever since her first slow speed car accident at age 10. Yesterday she went to 2 different events in town in places that had their elevators down, so she walked up and down about ten flights of stairs total.

She got up a couple of hours ago and her entire right knee is black. Not black and blue, just black. It is incredibly swollen. I have never seen it this bad, not even after the 2nd slow speed car accident. She is refusing to go to either urgent care or the ER at this point. I have told her that if the swelling continues then she WILL be seeking medical help if I have to drag her to the car by her hair. (Of course she just rolled her eyes at that, the brat!)

She is icing it, and taking aleve. Right now I have a lidocaine patch on it under an ace bandage. I am hoping that she will get better, but I have a bad feeling about this. Her knees are almost constantly hurting, esp this right one. I just haven't EVER seen her bruise this badly or this fast. I did check to make sure it wasn't dye from her favorite black pants that caused the color, but it isn't. It is just bruising.

I think part of the reason why knee problems freak me out is because I saw my aunt go through a broken kneecap. This aunt almost never took even an aspirin. During the physical therapy after the surgery we would have to take her kids out of the house because she was screaming in pain. I had only seen her cry at funerals before that. It made a HUGE impact and I don't want my baby to endure that pain.


Crazy Cat Lady
That almost sounds like an intra-articular bleed.

I'd get her butt, protestations or no, to the ER. Has her blood work been normal? The other concern is a joint infection.