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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by overwhelmedmama, Jan 21, 2009.

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    Has anyone heard of GABA for difficult child kids? My daughter is 5, has LOTS of defiance and aggression. As yet we still cannot find anyone in our rural area willing to deal with her until she turns six. Her brother, nine years old with ADHD and social skills problems, is decompensating because of having to deal with her all the time. The whole family is hostage to her behavior. I'm willing to try GABA or other supplements but don't want to cause harm. Any input will be welcome.
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    I would ask over at Natural Treatments. We do have a forum for that. Welcome to the board :)
    Has she ever had a neuropsychologist evaluation? The child sounds like she should be tested for childhood disorders and NeuroPsychs are very thorough. She probably needs some interventions. You may want to take the 9 year old for an updated evaluated too. There is a possibility that, with his social problems (if he also had some speech delays and other quirks) that he is actually one the spectrum and needs interventions.
    NeuroPsychs can be found in University and Children's hospitals. I live in a small town and had to travel for our evaluations. The schools were pretty worthless.