Here we go again ... bio grandma gave difficult child an expensive Ipad for his birthday

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    and she called 5X today in a panic because he has exceeded the gigabytes she signed him up for.

    Ya think?

    I have told her in the past, and again two wks ago, that we grounded him off of the computer and took away his phone. She didn't listen.
    She just wanted to buy this and had her mind and heart set on it.

    The pad and plan was hundreds of dollars. She called b4 his birthday and told me what she wanted to do and I had no idea what she was talking about. I didn't even know the diff between an Ipad and Ipod and she had to explain it to me.
    When she told me the cost, I said, "You didn't pay that, did you!!??" She said, "Yes."
    OMG, his bmom works at Verizon and she didn't even get a discount. I just don't get it. This entire bio family is impulsive. (Nature vs nurture, anyone?)

    So, difficult child didn't know the difference between storing info on the pad, and using things on the Internet. Now he does. I thought we were going to get into a loud argument in Verizon today but luckily, I stayed calm, and explained it to the salesman and he explained it to difficult child.

    I went to Verizon on Monday (immediately after the birthday party) to change the plan from the grandmother's phone to my #. The woman there said I had to have the actual device. So when I got home, difficult child had asked for my computer code, and I told him that if his grades stayed up all wk, I'd give it to him this weekend.
    I had no idea (and neither did he) that he could download apps and play games ... on his grandmother's Verizon phone acct.
    He knows just enough to be dangerous.

    It took me 1-1/2 hrs inside the Verizon store--and they did NOT need the device--to change over the accounts, and receive instructions on how to block certain items from our acct. I had the employee block apps and games, and then I can block other things online. We had to do a 3-way call with-the grandmother for me to do an Assumption of Liability. Scary expression, eh?
    It is nearly $200/mo for him to be added to our account.

    Guess who's going to be getting a job now that he's 16? :)

    In the meantime, he knows to sign onto wireless numbers when he's in someone's house (incl our own).

    I wonder how much got charged to his grandmother's phone and if she's going to call us in 2 wks to demand payment?

    She suggested he take a class. GREAT idea. I told him he will take one or the Ipad goes away. Period.
    P.S. Amazingly, the bio mom and half brother showed up for his birthday dinner at the sushi bar on Sunday night. They hadn't shown up for 2 yrs and we were all set to not even invite them this time.
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    Oh good grief. He could have just gotten the regular iPad where he can use free wifi to get on the internet and none of that would have happened. ugggggg. still, it didn't respect that you had grounded him from the internet in the first place.

    How do you do it???? (saying that like I dont know, lol....)
  3. TerryJ2

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    I know.
    And yes, neither of us figured out that the grandmother would be charged to her phone bill.
    I wish we had known that. I guess she didn't explain it in detail because it didn't occur to her that he would exceed the usage so fast.
  4. Terry - Ugh. Glad you got things straightened out - hope the charges to biograndma aren't too high but she should be responsible for them. After all, she went against your wishes and purchased the iPad anyway.

    My mom would do something like that - used to do it all the time with my kids - of course she is a difficult child herself so.......

    On the plus side it's incentive for difficult child to get that job and it's also a tool you can use to get him to accomplish things. Use it as currency.
  5. TerryJ2

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    You bet! It's going to end up being turned off of taken away within the week. I just pulled up his grades and he's got Fs in half of his classes. :( He is only getting about 65% on the quizzes, and not turning in homework.
    The good news is, this will work for the next 504/IEP mtng. I mean if he's got all As, they'll say, what's the problem?
    Right now, the problem is exacerbated by his girlfriend and his Ipad. :(
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    Terry....that iPad may be a good thing considering some of his diagnosis's. there are a ton of apps out there for aspies and also just a ton of educational apps too. I would tie in using those type of apps on there and setting the time limits on it. Also you can download his books he is supposed to read on there. could be quite a useful tool.
  7. TerryJ2

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    I sure hope so!
    I talked to Verizon today and re-did my sign-in online, and re-did the contract. Saved $50/mo.
    It's still expensive. And a royal pain.
    It's like the grandmother gave us a puppy we don't want. :(
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    Yup. Definitely a difficult child of a grandma... impulsive, not thinking things through, and then leaving the problems to somebody else... Not that GFGness is hereditary or anything ;D
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    lol~! Agreed.