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    I'm not at happy camper right now. I switched dr's for oldest difficult child because of a screw up that turned dangerous. I switched dr for the younger difficult child's because their dr (different) wasn't listening to what was being told to them there for can not adequately treat or diagnose. So today I take them to the new dr for the second visit.


    First with middle difficult child - tells me that we're discharging her from mood stabilizer A on 29th back on first appointment as he put her on mood stablizer B. Part of the reason we had her there today (earlier) was because she was having side effects from the B one. So today he says we're going to instead of, while we're already to discharge in weening process, keep her on A another week. At first he wanted to just "drop" B no weening but I asked no weening? Suddenly he says well her level, which we had just gotten on Friday, was 1 point below highest you can be so leave her on half dose for a week then second discharge. Instead of another mood stabilizer added back on board, he decides to put in place an old school antipsychotic, one she hasn't been on as she has been on 3 different things (years ago at a younger age too). Telling straight out that this one is not tested on kids her age either and giving me a full run down on all the side effects (there are a lot). He neglected to tell me about 1 other one that I found out reading on my own that really WILL effect her (and he didn't ask) due to profuse sweating that she already does. The final thing is that he said he was combining her previous diagnosis (he didn't give) of mood disorder not otherwise specified and psychotic disorder not otherwise specified into BiPolar (BP).

    So I happen to look at lab slip for blood work for new medication on levels for something else and I happen to see the new axis diagnosis listed. He never changed the diagnosis like he said, changed other things into ruling out other things that we didn't even discuss!

    Onto youngest difficult child and this is THE worst one - I'm not sure what the heck other then pure discussion of previous EKG of over 2 years ago and "maybe" a medication (though he did not add anything new at all (!) he ordered an EKG for him. The problem comes in with the axis diagnosis listed for him. He has always been ADHD there has never been even a thought of a mood disorder in him but he lists that, neglect of child (what????? by who, when? what prompted this? there has never been any discussion of this by anyone, the workers come here and do not think this at all, never have nor do they). IS HE TALKING ABOUT MY CHILD???? did he mix up a record or something? And finally, we discussed the fact that one of the medications he no longer takes, what does he do, writes a prescription for it!

    You see the way they work you don't see the prescription or the lab slips until you walk out because they are all in a file. I had no opportunity to even look. I didn't look (ok stupid me) until I got home with the difficult child's but after spending 2 hours there with them I just wanted to get home. They are never cooperative, always wound up and all they wanted to do is get home. I really had no clue to have to question the lab slips (or rather axis diagnosis) or the prescriptions because we've really not had a problem with them in the past. Again, stupid me for making that assumption. Dumb Dumb Dumb me.

    Now I can't do anything about it today/tonight. I put a call into the worker upset and asked for them to call me asap as I was upset about something I read. I know they won't call (after hours) and I might get a call before I will see them tomorrow afternoon. Probably to them it's not pressing as they aren't a parent going through this.

    I know you guys will understand but when you specifically see a diagnosis like that you tend to get a little freaked out. I have to hope it's just a screw up but then again, I've known seriously wrong things like this to happen.

    Oh, and I "just" so happen to see something in the news tonight about this same mental health agency is about to loose funding for a program they have that deals specifically with abused and neglected children. Umm, I'm not a conspiracy thinker most of the time but perhaps, just perhaps, they are trying to make a case to get more/back funding to show "need" for this program? It's been done before but I'll be d*mned, not at me or my kids expense as we are NOT one of the families that fit the criteria. If so it would have been long documented in their histories both with workers (who come to my house, their school), documented by school, documented in past by every single person who has ever had any dealings with us! (and that spans many, many years and many people!)

    I really do think the worker will clarify this tomorrow as she and I specifically had a conversation exactly about this subject within the past month and she clearly stated that there was NO WAY my kids were neglected!

    I'm just besides myself right now. I just can't believe how some doctors can be so ....well dangerous to us when you think about it. :(

    * forgot to also add that we discussed youngest difficult child's tendencies for repetiveness on play catch phrase repeats and possibly being on the spectrum to which he said it was a possibility. Just another reason I am just floored on what the heck happened.
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    Is this the only place you can take them? It sounds very poorly run and likely due to overworking their doctors.
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    These people are a little scary to me. I would see if I could move, but then again, I dont know if you are in an area where there are choices. I would freak out if I read something like that about my child. I would take it very personally. Even if I knew it was nothing to do with reality, stuff like that gets into a record and can follow the child around.

    One thing I love that our pediatrician does... as we talk he writes on paper that makes copies...says what we discuss, what we decide (labs, changes in rx etc) and other ideas.... he rips the original off for me and then puts the other in Q's file. I have always appreciated that. Our neurologist types up a summary of our meeting within a day and mails me a copy. New psychiatrist, not as much communication...I write all she says down and review it with her before I leave the room. She is kind of new to us and I am not totally sure about her yet. She is super nice and smart, but the communication between appointments has been a little tricky. I wonder if you can buy those kinds of notebooks my pediatrician uses.... then we could just give them to our docs to write or we could write and give them a copy so we are all on the same page (pun intended).