Here We Go Again...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by joneshockey, Oct 20, 2011.

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    Well... It looks like Emily has yet ANOTHER infection starting :( She just had a pretty big spot of mucus in her diaper when I went to give her a bath... I guess I will be having to collect another urine sample on her & call her urologist in the morning--- I am disappointed, since it has only been 3 weeks since her last one! That probably is the reason that she hasnt eaten very well over the last couple of days and has been crabby(things all kind of now make sense to me, sigh) Please help me in keeping your fingers crossed that things dont get worse and she ends up in the hospital - I REALLY can't take that right now, since work has just been H*** lately (well, on 2nd thought... it may be a blessing in disguise to have a few days off)

  2. Steely

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    Keeping you in my thoughts. Does the Dr predict that this will be an ongoing issue with the type of problems she has? If so, can he do anything preventative? Or are there preventative diets, etc that could possible help.
  3. Hound dog

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    Will be praying it doesn't require a hospital stay.

    Hope she's feeling better quickly.

  4. joneshockey

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    She currently is on a preventative antibiotic 1 time a day, but I guess that really isnt working... I know that he mentioned 3 weeks ago that there are only a few drugs that she can be on that will be effective in treating the type of bacteria that always grows, so he did mention that IF the one she is currently on quits working that they MAY have to put her in the hospital for IV antibiotics AGAIN! He said that the chances of this to reoccur only happens to 5-10% of the kids he has performed the surgery on... but that becuase the infected tube isnt hooked up to the kidney anymore that there isnt much threat of it doing any damage & that she shouldn't be as sick when she gets them.
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    poor baby....thinking of you.....
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    Praying and pretzeling for both of you.
  7. Liahona

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    I hate it when they say "only 1% of kids". My kids are always in that 1%. I hope it doesn't require a hospital stay.
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    My Duckie is a 10 percenter too. Sending big {{Hugs}} and lots of prayers your way.
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    Well... I ended up having to leave work to take Emily to the urologist --- go figure... I get to work, call them, they call me back and then they want to see her in the office - ugh! I then had to talk to my boss, make arrrangements for my students to go to other classrooms for the rest of the day (since you never can get a 1/2 day sub on a Friday afternoon)--- I get to the appointment and low and behold her urologist is OUT OF TOWN for the weekend (this happens EVERY single time Emily is sick!!) so she see the physcians assistant, which was a joke since I pretty much had to tell her what to do for Emily --- she was totally CLUELESS. I am a bit concerned about the antibiotic she chose to put her on, so I am tempted to text her urologist since I have his cell phone number & he told me to call him anytime... however I will probably wait and see if it makes any difference over the next day or so --- I just am worried since she isnt really eating at all and she has been pretty fussy since I picked her up at 10:30 (all bad signs for her) They also want to see her back in the office next week soooo that means yet another day I have to try to get off of work -- having no sick time built up sure sucks when you have a sick baby :( - I am now waiting to collect a urine sample so that I can take it to the lab on the way to her 6 mo. well child appointment that she has late this afternoon. I will continue to keep everyone posted as things develop - continue to keep your fingers crossed that she doesn't end up being put in the hospital if this new antibiotic doesnt work!

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    Awww poor Emily ... Hope things improve soon ...
  11. DDD

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    Rats! I had really hoped she wasn't going to continue with these issues. As always I am jumping on the prayer bandwagon for you both.

    Do you mind a simple minded question? I'm just curious and have had no experience with Emily's issues. I'm wondering if she drinks alot of water and/or cranberry juice like I used to do when I had chronic urinary tract infections. DDD
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    Unfortunately, she only is allowed to drink a speciality formula for babies with renal function issues. She also has started eating barley cereal and I am hopeful that after todays well child exam that she will be able to start on baby food. Even when she does start on baby food I really have to watch the amount of potassium that is in everything... I even got a listing of which food are safe & not safe for her to eat from her nephrologist's office, so at this point I am unsure if I can even give her juice or plain water... but it is definately something that I will check into day with her peds dr. - thanks for the suggestion... I will keep you posted :)
  13. InsaneCdn

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    At Emily's age I doubt they'd allow cranberry... but I do know some infections can be "flushed" from the system by over-drinking water... that is, continuously drinking until its going "in one end and out the other". But no idea how you would do that with anyone younger than 4 or 5 years...
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    :hugs: for you both.

    I'm going to pray, too. I have no words of wisdom, but I have lots of prayers!