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    Duckie was sleepwalking last night at 1:10am. I had fallen asleep in the living room and she walked up to me, tapped my shoulder and sat down at the far end of the sectional. I asked her why she was up in the middle of the night and said that she needed to get back to bed. She gave me a blank stare. So I asked her if she needed to use the bathroom or wasn't feeling well. She continued to stare into space but said "I'm going back to bed." And she did.

    She had no memory of it this morning.

    So I looked up the causes; tiredness and stress are the top two. School finally started today and I know she's been pretty tired from cheer. Plus, kids that had night terrors are more likely to sleepwalk (she did occasionally through pre-k). She was a little freaked and asked me to make sure the gate to the basement stairs was closed, just in case.

    She's so non-typical. :hammer:
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    You did exactly the right thing. Don't ever wake her. I've sleptwalked for years. Some precautions you may want to take if it persists (DF did) is installing extra deadbolts (so I do not drive. haven't yet). I have been found in the car, in the van sleeping. Outside in the yard on a blanket. Under the table. I'll have complete conversations with my Mom, DF or Dude. I've been known to come out to the laundry room and stand at the washer or just walk outside, sit in a chair and fall asleep.

    When I was in therapy we worked on this in EMDR and while the sleepwalking incidents have not been as frequent EMDR did not rid me of it entirely. I wake in the morning and do not remember a single thing. Therapist told everyone to talk to me normally - but you can wave your hands in front of my eyes and I'm just blank. I do not startle either which I normally do. He said to just guide me back to bed, talking to me as if I were awake and tell me to go back to bed and go back to sleep. FYI.

    It is a good idea to lock doors - to basements and outdoors with eyehooks or maybe put some type of chime or bell on them so you can hear them for a while. We were told there is no rhyme or reason for sleepwalking and I don't do it more at one time (like stressed) than not. Just a weird thing. Chuckling - I too odd duckie. ;)
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    Yep....I did it too. May still for all I know but husband has never said anything. I think I stopped before I reached driving age so that was never a problem although for awhile in my early teens I would sleep in the buff. Also not a big deal... unless I happened to sleep walk that night....downstairs and into the living room to sit on the couch and watch tv with my mom and DAD. I also seem to recall waking up in my closet once or twice or on the floor in my room. On nights that I did late night tv watching when Dad was NOT in the room (mom would immediately guide me back upstairs when Dad was there), sometimes mom would talk to me (I suspect this was for her own amusement). I would have entire conversations but also have that blank look. Actuallly...Mom says I get this goofy, stupid grin on my face when I sleep walk and that's how she would know what was going on. (Well....that and the fact that I was starkers! LOL)

    Star had some good advice....just take precautions and then talk to her normally and guide her back to bed. It happens to the best of us (obviously if Duckie, Star and I do it! :bigsmile: ) difficult child or otherwise so unless you have an indication that it's medication related, I wouldn't think much of it.
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    Mstang openly admits She went into the closet...ergo she had to come out of the .....never mind....eesch.
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    I guess I used to speak in tongues in my sleep. Or at least that's what it sounded like. It totally freaked my cousin out that slept over for a while one summer.

    Sounds like you got some great first hand advice here.

    Hugs to duckie xo ML
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    Thanks ladies. I'm not too stressed about this... it just figures that she's be one of the 15% of Americans that sleepwalk. I mean, why wouldn't she? :hammer:
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    My difficult child is a sleepwalker, too. Of course, she tried to use that as an excuse when we discovered she'd been sneaking out of the hosue at night--but that's another story!!

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    Jamie is a sleepwalker too!
  9. totoro

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    It sounds like you did the right thing and have gotten the advice from all of our expert closet dwellers... LOL
    N just wanders the house! But she is awake, which freaks me out! I think she is looking for donuts.
    I am thinking of getting a monitor for her room. I ask her why she doesn't come to our room, "I don't know, I just walk around and do things"
    Kind of manicy!
    Yeah our kids are odd Ducks to say the least!
    But Ducky is the leader of the pack!
  10. tiredmommy

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    She did it again last night; that's three weeks apart if I didn't miss any other times. I was awake this time and she just came out of her room and stood there.

    I know it's not a problem, but it's still kind of freaky.
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    Levi sleeps walks also. The other night while I was in my home office, he came around the corner from our living room, and came up to me, saying. The enemies are there and we need to find somewhere safe!!! I asked what? He looked at me blankly and said, the enemy is right there. I said, ok, lets get you back to be, you will be safe there. Took him back to the room, got him on the bed he shares with his brother. He grabbed the cover that was on his brother, and I tried to get it back to give Luke. He said, No dad, I need that one to keep me safe from the enemy (sp?). I had to giggle to myself and got a different blanket for Luke, :peaceful:

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    Well, Starbie, at least it was the closet. One of my bro's childhood friends used to sleepwalk. One night he went down, cleared off a shelf and sat down on the top shelf of the fridge. It kinda wierded him out, but didn't bother us.

    Esp since the eggs all had to be cooked up so my mom made pancakes and scrambled eggs and bacon!!!

    Duckie may outgrow this, or keep it to adulthood. Either way, all you can do is keep her safe.