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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by stepmom47, Nov 27, 2007.

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    difficult child went to the bhc last week, they say he needs a phy. evaluation. and individual family counseling... Not a dtp or intake...

    So here is the case: there are no places around here that have any appts. till end of Jan.

    The only one around here that has some open appts is the phy. that screwed this all up in the first place when she diag. after a 1 hr session and said he needed to go and live with bio-mom.

    Now the %$%#% in me wants to call her and say something along these lines: "You made this mess, now you fix this"..

    Also, I want you to do this for free since it cost me $400.00 for the two sessions that you did this!!!
    (I know the free thing will probably not work:()

    What is your advice for me... I have hit a brick wall again!!

    I was so mad yesterday that I just wanted to quit!!! :crazy2:
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    Take a break...breathe, breathe, breathe...

    Listen: it's taken 11 years to create this mess. Waiting til the end of January isn't too too bad. Call them back and ask them to put you on a cancellation list. Keep in mind, the Holidays are coming, people will be chasing around like nuts and will possibly cancel appointments.

    I would call the witch that screwed him up and tell her I wanted some sort of restitution, but I wouldn't let her NEAR my kid's mind ever, ever again. Or you could take her on the People's Court, or even Judge Judy and "rip her a new one" publicly (that's always been a fantasy of mine!!! :soapbox:

    Stay calm, don't rush things, but try and nudge them a bit. You could always tell them that if you keep getting calls at school, you're going to lose your job. If you make friends with the receptionist or appointments person, you could even ask if it would be ok to call every once in a while to see if there have been any cancellations!

    Keep fighting the fight!

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    I'm not sure what bhc is?

    Jan actually isn't too long a wait. (yes, I know it does seem that way) I've waited up to 6 mos just to get Travis in to see a good neuro before, and almost as long for several different types of evaluations. Odds are if you're going to get a decent doctor, there is going to be a wait for the appoint. (cuz everyone else wants to see them too)

    Make sure you get on the cancellation list, and check back with them weekly. I've gotten my kids in MUCH earlier than their appoints by staying on top of this many times.

    No way would I revisit the doctor that created the mess.

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    So sorry. I know the feeling.
    You've gotten some good advice here.
    All I can do is ditto it, and send you strength and hugs. {{{ }}}
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    Sending some hugs.