Here's the rock, here's the hard place and I'm smack dab in the middle....

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    Another update. I am so so freakishly frustrated I just can't stand it. I got in touch with a group home...difficult child needs a higher level of care I think. THerapist and psychiatrist had been pushing for this. So I get the nerve to do this, and over a week and lots of phone calls back and forth and insurance company calls...and this is the outcome:

    They do not believe, based on what I've told them (which was pretty much everything), that it is a medical necessity for him to go there.

    I actually started crying on the phone to the people there. Then I called the therapist and left her a vm of "what am I supposed to do?".

    I brought up a neuro psychiatric evaluation, other there a full workup, how can "you all" (the therapists) say I need a group home and the group home say no? In my heart, and the therapists agree, it **MIGHT** be because he is not on an IEP at school. He's on his 3rd real school and this one is working out for him (but I think they require such a low level of effort that is why he's doing ok...they don't challenge him at all) so there is no need for an IEP, nor has there BEEN a need. CHildfind said, when he was 4.5 y.o. that he learns despite himself. I 100% agree.

    The therapist is going to look at possible neuro psychiatric tests etc. and get back to me on how to go about that. This is SO frustrating...I give you all strength who have been down this road before me.
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    I can so understand your frustration! I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. I hope someone at the group home rethinks things. Hugs.
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    I'm just adding my support. Prayers for better days.