He's a "perfect angel" when in therapy!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by CCRidr2, May 28, 2008.

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    That's a direct quote from one of this therapists! They know his issues though and are going to try a little button pushing here and there. We took him to the psychiatric hospital here where we live they admitted him for IOP. It's been 3 weeks and 2 changes of medications and not one difference other than his mood has been stabilized with-medications. We tried Vyvanse the first week, that was a disaster! difficult child was completely out of control the whole weekend. Then she put him on Abilify the second week, much better! We have a new diagnosis of ADHD, ODD, intermittent explosive disorder, and a lot of mood disorder not otherwise specified sprinkled in for a little flavor.

    The first two weeks in IOP he had the guys fooled that his anger and aggression was all aimed at women! HA! What about your brother, the guy that lives next door, and all the neighborhood boys?? We sat down and talked last weekend and he said he's just going along with whatever they think so he can get this over with. Told his therapist that, he explained to him quite firmly that it WON'T end until he sees REAL change in his behavior both at home and at school. Thank you!!!

    I'm running on empty. I've had a cold for two weeks, a real doozy too. easy child 1 has had awards dinners and honors breakfasts and was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society and difficult child was a total BRAT during each of them! All because husband and I were focused on her successes instead of paying attention to him. husband finally told him, loudly, if he would put a little effort into school and not so much into defying everyone maybe we would have these kinds of things to go to for him!! easy child 2 has had ball games and band trips and end of elementary parties. School is out tomorrow and I dread it, is that bad?? Oh well if it is, then it is. At least husband has taken over much of the discipline so I don't have to add that to my honey-do list. Sorry this turned into kind of a rant, if you're still with me thanks for listening!

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    I've never heard it from therapists, but its sometimes taken them a while to see true colors. Hope this one isn't buying into your difficult child's honeymoon.

    If you're bad because you dread summer vacation, well...you're in good company. LOTS of us here do!
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    Sounds like Kanga. She was always able to fool the professionals, for a while at least. It was quite validating when they finally saw through her act.

    At least the therapist seems on board with you. I think it is typical of our kids to try and fool people, even if it only hurts them in the end.
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    It takes weeks and/or months for difficult child's to show their true colors in front of therapists. I have no doubt yours could hold it for 2 wks.
    Sorry about your cold. I am just getting over mine, too. It's very draining and frustating.
    What is Intermittent Explosive Disorder? Why don't they call it an outcropping of ADHD/ODD, or bipolar or something? I'm sorry, it just sounds like too easy of an "out." What am I missing?
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    Intermittent Explosive Disorder (Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED)) is (A) a failure to resist aggressive impulses that result in serious assaultive attacks or destruction of property and (B) the degree of aggressiveness is grossly out of proportion with any provocation or perceived provocation and/or psychosocial stressor.

    It can actually be a stand alone diagnosis for a child with no other physical or mental disturbances. It can also be an outcropping of ODD but as it was explained to me the aggression to the degree our difficult child is showing is usually shown at an older age. Not generally in a 10 year old.

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    That's what I can't seem to get through to him is that it's only hurting him and is only going to kill his summer. therapist is very cool. One is about 6'11" and his brother who's difficult child's other therapist is 7'1", they are built like football players and they work as a team. One of them said he just needs a pro wrestler type as his teacher to behave in school, LOL! I said we needed one at home too then!
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    CCRidr2 - Do you have a profile? It is nice to be able to see a bit of info on each member so I can keep track of who is who.

    Honeymooning can be quite disturbing. Especially if the professionals get fooled. Glad your team is on board and working together.
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    I do have a profile, just don't know where it went??

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    easy child 1-14-girl typical teen girl bio mother left 9 yrs ago never seen since, same bio mom as difficult child
    easy child 2-12-boy typical preteen boy with DEX during school week, with-us every weekend and all breaks and all summer
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    That's the reason I gave up on therapy for Miss KT. She could always hold it together while there, and then I came across as controlling, neurotic, over-involved, reacting badly to being a single parent, etc.

    Drove me crazy.