He's been kicked out of the shelter

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Lil, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. ForeverSpring

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    I hear ya, Lil. But...it's a roof over his head. I get it. You should have seen the seedy people who stayed with my son at some of those motels. I swear they were drug dealers and prostitutes. Son is socially afraid of people so I knew he'd keep to himself. If not, that would have been o ne other thing to worry about, but he was not into drugs and had no money for prostitutes ;) No, I can't vouch that he never scraped up enough money for a prostitute, but at least it was pre-AIDS.
  2. Lil

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    Jabber actually has said he's been in worse. Our son said he's been in worse. I had not been in worse. Apparently I have higher standards. I used a lot of Lysol before we moved him in. :) I expect it won't be that clean again.
  3. Lil

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    Ugh. Jabber just called. The book I bought for Christmas came in and since he was out he picked it up. Since it was almost time for our son to go to work, he thought he'd be nice and take the book and offer a ride. Son didn't answer texts and calls so he just drove by and knocked...the door is unlocked and no one is there.

    I told him to put the book inside and leave. :mad: If he gets his stuff stolen it's on him. We texted, called, his phone is off. We don't dare lock it ourselves, in case he left it open for a friend or something on purpose. Stupid, but possible. Maybe he left early for work. Maybe he's not going to work. Who the hell knows?

    Deep breath. Not. My. Problem.
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    I was in the military. Military towns arent always know for high standards. They cater to a transient clientele that doesnt have a lot of money and tend to be........aggressive in nature!

    Not my monkey, not my circus.
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    Ditto here. I could get difficult child a crack house down town for next to nothing. Having said that I wouldn't unless things here got much worse.
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    Update on last night. He finally called about 45 minutes before we went to bed. He seemed genuinely surprised that the door was unlocked. I offered to go lock it for him but he declined. Got a missed call right before bed so I called him. He was home but he has been getting cut loose early from work due to lack of work. Session starts today so hopefully he will pick up some full time hours for a while.