He's Doing Better Than I Thought


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We saw my difficult stepson last night for dinner. Much to my surprise he's actually doing really well. He did break up with his girlfriend, his choice. He said that she was really needy and it was grating on him, that he didn't have a moment to himself and that she was the most overbearing person he had ever met. We had been concerned that his girlfriend was growing too possessive with him, so this was not an unwelcome development. We are especially happy that he does not seem to be unusually upset by this, that he initiated the breakup because he was not getting his needs met in the relationship. We feel this is very healthy. We had been very concerned about how he might react if she broke up with him, so to see him handling the situation with maturity is a great relief.

He admitted to not working as hard as he could in his online school but said that he intends to really start focusing on it once all his friends, who are still enrolled in the regular school, go back this week. He also quit his job. He told us that he felt the hours and amount of effort involved in the job were just not equal to the amount he was receiving back in pay. He worked in a restaurant so he made below minimum wage. The rest was supposed to be balanced out in tips. He claims he wasn't tipped out properly. Who knows but in any case he did tell us that he was planning to look for another job. This was his first ever job, so we will have to see if this kind of thing becomes a pattern. For now we feel that despite his shirking of anything that requires him to break a sweat, this was a good experience for him and finding a new job more to his liking will also be a good experience.

We spent about 3 hours together. We had a delightful time. He was polite, respectful, loving, funny, and very very engaging. We got the best of him last night and we are thankful.