He's home again!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Home without incident! I had asked them to make him his own visual schedule and they assigned his favorite tech to be with him, they gave him a boost dose of his clonidine at 4 along with the dose at 5 and other than getting wild on and off (that is normal for him) he gathered up his stuff and came out well. There were lots of discharges today so that helped too. (never wants to leave the party early...one of his rigid things we struggle with)
    I gave him a choice yesterday, if he could come with me well today following our plan, he could pick out to eat or buying a used game at gamestop and he did that just really nicely. Tried to boss me around a little but I said, then we go..and he stopped immediately, YES Ma'am. Ok good start. When we stopped at the store he found our child locks were on the car again, WHY??? Well, to be safe. When can I have them off? When you have been safe for a full month. Then inside our house he saw me lock the new inside locks. "I feel like a baby" I said well it is just to keep you safe. He said, well I will run away anyway to play with friends. I said, well if I cant keep you safe, you know what the doctor said. He said, yeah he told me I can't live there. I said right. (Doctor asked him if he wanted to live in a group home or foster home, and he said NO!) so I know he still wants to be home if he can't be where all the socializing is 24 hours a day, sigh. He gave them really nice appropriate side hugs and came home with me really nicely. Asked for a sports channel on the radio and didn't end it with you better or I'll beat you up...just back to normal please. I know tonight and tomorrow he may slip into this pattern he has started to use over the past month but at least he is still in there somewhere.

    I am letting him take the bus tomorrow. Didn't want to upset the boat anymore. It is only one day afterall.

    No seizures since Sunday! again, here's hoping.

    Thanks everyone for holding my hand thru all of this. I am giving him his new game boy so he can play the games (not new, the one my friend sent that her daughter wasn't using. He is really relieved, has dreams of us finding the other one and having two, though his was pretty messed up anyway)

    He wants a snack, I am happy to do a normal mommy thing today!

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    Different topic, I was looking at the diagnosis that the doctor gave each time. How can diagnosis change in one week? I asked the nurse why his main diagnosis are not on there...well the cavernous angioma is under the proper axis but I just thought it was interesting. She said that many times the hospital diagnosis are not the overall diagnosis. Whatever they are being treated for at that time, like since the first time it was the lamictal causing issues he diagnosis mood disorder not otherwise specified... but not this time. He didn't even mention the seizures, crazy, since that is why he was there. But they told me that insurance would not pay for that hospital if it was for seizures so I guess they do what htey ahve to. He put Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) this time since we talked about it more... He has always had that on things on and off when I needed therapy to address any attachment issues that come up. I guess since he said he was gonna kill me if he left yesterday they decided to go with it...haha. Most kids with classic full blown Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) are pretty sly about their issues with mom, and sweet to others. Q is an equal opportunity aggressor when he flips out. I am the main target because I am around most but he will and does get as upset with anyone.

    I find the whole diagnosis thing interesting but in the end I have always told people to call him whatever they wanted to as long as he gets the services he needs. He is really just called Q. and he is my son.
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    I'm happy for you and him ...,here's wishing you an enjoyable evening and a problem-free weekend!
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    SO happy to hear he's home and doing well!
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    Enjoy those precious moments, buddy!
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    Hoping this time goes better, and he improves and does not need to go back soon. Hang in there.
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    I'm so happy the transition home went well.

    The hospital diagnosis is mainly for insurance. In most hospitals there is a scoring system for each diagnosis and patients have to be scored based on the dxes they've been given upon admission each day. If they don't meet pre set criteria to score them enough to stay for their diagnosis and no other diagnosis is added (for whatever reason) the patient is discharged. Why? Mainly because insurances won't pay. And while it sounds greedy on the hospital's part, you have to have bills paid to stay open. This is where letting insurance decide what they would and wouldn't pay for has gotten us.

    This system is helpful to healthcare personnel too, lets them know what is going on with the patient as well based on scoring how they're progressing. But it's mainly for insurance to make sure they pay.
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    So glad he is back home with his mom and behaving. Hoping things continue to go smoothly in the future.
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    Way To Go, Buddy! What a great start.
    Fingers crossed that you can continue with the locked doors and rules, side hugs and no bossing.
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    That sounds like heaven after some of the stuff you have been through! How wonderful! :bigsmile:
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    So glad he is doing well!
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    Great news!!
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    I'm glad he is back home. And yes, it sounds crazy but afterall there are some many elements to the equation and than insurance makes it even harder! Like you said, details as long as he is treated properly.
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    So glad to hear he is home!