He's home.

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    We made it. It was a rough trip home, difficult child is doing great emotionally, but has caught a nasty cold at Residential Treatment Center (RTC). 4 hrs in the car with a sick difficult child is just not easy.

    I afb really impressed with difficult child's progress overall. When he came home? He was kinder to the dogs than I have ever seen. He is still that way today.

    With that being said? I can so see the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) now. I spoke with the psychologist who did the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) testing, and she fully agrees with the diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) not otherwise specified and rated his symptoms as severe. I knew that was going to be the result, but it still saddens me to hear it spoken aloud. She explained the testing results and her findings very well. I bet her report will be great (got the verbal piece via the phone).

    Last night was rough. This respiratory stuff is really nasty. difficult child had some trouble breathing, he took a few gaspy squeaky breaths and off to the er we went. 2 chest x rays, a step screen,a mono test and 3 hrs later we left with a diagnosis of a cold. Nice. I kept getting asked if he had been running fevers.......so then since we had just gotten home a few hrs ago I got to explain the while situation. Several times. I think I got about 3 hrs of sleep last night. difficult child finally went to asleep after I repeatedly reassured him he would not stop breathing and due I his sleep and when I told him I would sleep on his floor. Gotta love anxiety.

    We met with a pediatrician today who will manage difficult children thyroid, anemia and keep an eye on his cholesterol......i really like him. He was very thorough, wants to ready the hypothyroidism aggressively....even said something about testing antibodies (maybe for hashimoto's)?

    So all in all, now we will try to have life settle back down. If s2bx continues to cause problems for the kids? I will have to sere about a restraining order to keep him from contacting them.
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    Glad difficult child is home...hope he feels better soon!
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    OH wow, would have been nice to have a smoother home coming! Glad it is a cold but still.... poor boy.

    I know that feeling of really finally saying, yup, it is Autism, not going to go away. But then, in the end that offers so many more options and doors to walk through for help and treatment. It will be ok. You have a direction to go in now...and he is in a better place. Sounds like you made such a good choice and it is going to pay off for him.

    Enjoy having your baby back! HUGS to you all.
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    Oh, I'm sorry. I hope he gets some sleep and feels better soon.
    So glad he's nicer to the dogs! I know he missed them.
    Say, I noticed that he is anemic ... I can't recall if I mentioned doing a gluten-free diet for him. It really helped out son and he no longer has to take iron supplements. He does not have celiac's, but does have a gluten sensitivity. Maybe you explained it in another note. Sorry I'm forgetful lately.
    (Our difficult child used to pronounce it Eye-Ron. :) )
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    Terry, I did not realize that gluten intolerance would affect iron levels. That is something to think about.