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    Hi all,

    Well my phone died yesterday and I got it fixed today so I texted difficult child that I had my phone back. I purposely did not ask how he was. He texted back and asked if there was any way I could add money to his grocery card because he hasnt eaten in 3 days. I did check and there is no way for me to do it. :) I suggested he see about meals for the homeless or a food pantry.... I will put a small amount on the card tomorrow. I also asked him if he had his clothes and bike from the other place. I wasn't going to ask but I couldn't resist. He said he has his bike but not his clothes yet. I also asked what the place he is in is like... he said it is almost a replica of the place he stayed up here.... that was just downright depressing and not a great place. So at least he is communicating with me... and experiencing a little hunger due to his own actions is not a bad thing at all.

    I am kind of glad I can't put money on the card today to make him wait a little longer. I am not sure I could make him wait for no reason...oooo he just texted me and he talked to publix.. if he can find a number I can call and do it today I probably will. I know I am a softie... something about not having my kid eat is hard for me... maybe cause I have food issues!!!

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    He is very resourceful. I did some reading up on spice and found that spice normally stays in the system up to 72 hours but if you are a chronic or heavy user it can be much longer. Does he have any idea when he thinks he will be clean enough to go into the other house? I wonder what he would say if you told him she should be clean after 72 hours after his last use.

    I would never want to see my kids go hungry either, it's against human nature.

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    We paid for a week so that is the plan. I will add money in the morning. Hopfully this one more lesson on the downside of being a drug addict!

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    TL....you know where he is. I know you dont want him to go hungry but this is one way you can start weaning him. Look up all the food pantries around him including the places that serve a free meal for lunch each day. This is the point I would bring up to him that so many grocery stores and bakery's have to dump all their food in the dumpsters every night and he should check those out at night for stuff he could actually eat. Most stuff is really good food. I will be honest and say there have been times I have had to do that at times. You just have to pick through stuff. They throw away perfectly good stuff just because a can is dented or a box of cereal is crushed. I will sure it that! He can eat that. he could probably get better food out of the dumpsters than he could buy.