he's not sleepinggggg........

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    And that worries me. This is what his dad did before he got crazy hallucinating manic. He has not slept longer than me all week, has woke up at 4am, 3:30am, and this morning? Who knows? I woke up at 5:30 and he was awake already. Several of the other mornings the same thing happened, and he exagerates so much, there is no really knowing what time he really woke up. He said he had been awake since 11pm last night when I woke up this morning. I doubt that.

    The weird part? When he did this before Residential Treatment Center (RTC), he would be loud and wake everyone he could on purpose. He was hyper and driven and just a pain.

    Now? He tries not to wake people up. He will play quietly in his room or get up and go into the living room and be quiet.

    He sees psychiatrist on Thursday.

    I am hoping that since this was spring break, maybe he needs the routine of school back? That does not bode well for summer, but it would give me great info.
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    we are having similar issues, school helps us with routine too. Until the lithium we never even had any significant sleep issues. Only a day every few months. It is interesting that he is quiet now, I remember when you talked about how he woke all of you up. can you hide a baby monitor in his room so you can hear more when he is awake just for record keeping?

    I sure hope this is not a sign of something else going on.... just routine being screwed up a little. If so, then his not waking you or getting into anything is actually progress right? (as long as he can get back to his routine once school starts). I choose to hope for that, smile.
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    It could also be a medication issue. We noticed a HUGE sleep issue within a month of difficult child 1 being on Prozac. That was just eh beginning of the nightmare. I would look at medications as the cause of sleeplessness.

    At least he has the common courtesy not to wake anyone up. THAT is called progress. How is his behavior with less sleep. difficult child 1 is VERY sleep sensitive. NOT pretty in the least.
  4. crazymama30

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    Nope nope nope. Then we will both be sleep deprived, and that will make everything worse. I know enough, I have no desire to truely know when he wakes up.

    So far? His behavior is ok once his morning medications kick in. Before then and in the evening when they have worn off? He is definately manicky.
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    I hope the psychiatrist can help.
  6. buddy

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    LOL!!! Gottcha! Thought you were trying to track it when you were asking him....:sleepy: sleeeep on.....
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    TM, I hope going back to school helps, but I am really wondering. He is much less tolerant today, very wound up and project oriented. Ug Ug Ug. Maybe the invega needs to go up.
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    Could it be not only the lack of routine, but not being busy enough? I know when difficult child was on spring break last week, she was staying up later, and just seemed on edge, and I realized she was just being lazy, and not really exercising or moving about, just being a slug. And she was not sleeping as much.
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    Not sleeping for my difficult child usually does not bode well. I hope things turn around for your difficult child soon. Mine has been up since 4 this morning but I know now that he has taken his evening medications he will be out with-in an hour or so.
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    I don't think it is the lack of being busy, Monday he went out with his mentor and his skills builder, Tuesday and Wednesday skills builder. This started last weekend. That is busier than he has ever been before on Spring break. That could play some into it though.

    Both kids are with their dad right now, and having a good time. Next weekend will be their first overnight with him, gulp.