he's sober (4 now) and waging war

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    this kid is going Occupational Therapist (OT) be the death of me
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    HOW MANY TIMES HAS HE SMASHED A PHONE IN YOUR FACE? Like once isn;t bad enough??

    what a toad.

    Yeah. Shame on you for wanting child support. You bad bad person.

    I don't think I knew you had an attempted rape. I am so sorry.

    You keep doing what you are doing. He sees your armor, and he is trying to tear it down. Don't let him.

  3. Steely

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    Ohhhhh.......it's like listening to a difficult child have a meltdown, isn't it?
    And our response should be:
    "I am sorry, what do your problems have to do with my existence?"
    But yet, they get to us.......because they try and cut right to the core by throwing out comments about our actions or appearance or integrity.
    Continue to ignore! Continue to find your inner strength! And continue to fight the good fight! We are all behind you!
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    He was abusive. He is still abusive. And now he is hiding behind his illness.
    I am sorry for your pain.
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    *yet he says he's going to rehab, his listing says otherwise :picture:

    Reply to: [email protected]
    Date: 2007-11-23, 7:55PM EST

    many household items for sal including furniture, home electronics, speakers,
    stearns&foster queen size bed, major & minor appliances. I'm moving out of state and must liquidate
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    Don't they have community property laws in your state? Jeeze, they would have to be peeling me off the ceiling if I found out Dex was putting all of our property up for sale. I doubt he is leaving the state in the middle of a court trial and child support hearing.

    Its all about him and what you are doing to mess up his life. No accountability for his actions that started this whole mess. What a jerk he is being.

    I would definately give your attorney a heads up on this one.

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    oh I took all I really wanted and he had complained I took too much and left hime with nothing, yet he's selling what he has, go figure. He called again today and keeps throwing in my face that I am kicking him while he's down by asking for benefits and CS. He also keeps saying "you have more $ then I do" which I do, at this time, it's being used because I do not make much working PT and there are bills to pay he's not paying, but he thinks becasue I have the $ I should just pay them all. Sigh....it's restitution $ so he can not touch it, thankfully.
  8. Steely

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    Seriously...........do you have to talk to the guy? That would just be too much to have him calling everyday!
  9. witzend

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    I'm with Willow. He shouldn't be talking to you. It's intimidating a witness.
  10. witzend

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    Does the judge/prosecutor know that he is "moving out of state"? I'd turn his behind in. Then I'd ask for the proceeds of all sales.
  11. Star*

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    This man is very unstable and dangerous. You will have no support with his family. I would guess at this point that for his family it is easier to look the other way or go along with him for fear of what he will say/do to them. I would also guess that his mother is a huge part of his problems (enabler). These people are not going to stand up for you, you've "dumped" your problem back in their lives. As long as you were putting up with his :censored2: - they didn't have to. Now that he is right there with them - it will be very easy for them to start blaming you for all the little things he does that upset their lives. Thus the larger things he does will also be "somewhat" your fault. Like

    If you would have forgiven him for hitting you - he wouldn't drink so much. It's your fault the kids have had to see all of this. If you had just been a better wife - he wouldn't have to yell at you, keep you in line. If you had gotten your proverbial self together after the attempted rape quicker - he wouldn't have had to work so hard to support his family and thus it is once again YOUR Fault. But ONLY to them. You, me and the rest of the free world know the truth. You need to hang on to the truth even when it seems like turning a blind eye to all of this will be easier for you and the kids.

    As far as buying his stuff...if he's smart enough to figure out how to put his things for sale on craigs list he's smart enough to get a job SOMEWHERE.

    As far as the apology that you will sit for years and wait for? Not the namby-pamnby ones you will get so that he can get back in your um..good graces - stop waiting. He's not sorry at all. That is evident by the tone and the way he treats you.

    I would also encourage you to seek counseling. I felt for years that once my x was out of the picture my life would be beautiful. I just didn't know how much damage he had done to places in my head that control my thought processes for every day decisions. It truly messed me up - counseling has been a blessing to realizing that I am so many good things - and I deserve to be spoken to and treated with respect.

    I hope you find the same - I have tons of literature if you want copies PM me - Some of it is pretty in your face. Even more than my post.