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    I've been posting about our difficulties with L on Parent Emeritus, and kind of following up there most of the time. But this is big news, so I'm sharing here because I know all you PE'ers read here, too.

    husband was hired for a position in Charlotte NC. He has 3 weeks to his start date. His pay will be 1.75 times what he makes now, but it is a 1 year temp job at an energy company. I'm not so worried about that part of it. He specializes in a particular type of software administration that the Veterans Affairs is just implementing in all of it's offices, and you know how many veterans facilities there are down there. I don't know, maybe we're being foolish, but we could pay off our credit cards in a year and still live a better lifestyle than we do now. Then at least we wouldn't be under a mountain of debt.

    I'm looking (for now) at homes in the Rock Hill, SC area. In fact there's one on the market that I'd move into tomorrow if I could at such a great price! Hopefully we won't have any problems selling ours.

    I'm sure that we will be taking a trip together down there to get him set up. I'll want to drive around and see what's what, too. Holy Cats, ladies, someone is going to have to explain a whole lot of Southern stuff to me !

    (FWIW, I'm only telling a few people for now. I need to tell my boss, friends, etc. so I'm not putting this on my FB page for now. Help me keep it quiet until I'm ready? Thanks!)
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    I am very happy for you........ Butt I want to meet you before you leave!! Lets set something up on a weekend, if you have time. This will be a very busy time for you!
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    Excellent news for you and H! Congrats!
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    I am doing a HAPPY DANCE for you and husband.
    Awesome news.
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    Wonderful! I am soooooo happy for you both!

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    YES!! Awesome!!! Huge enormous congrats to husband!!
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    Congratulations!! What wonderful news!
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    Congrats! How exciting!
    Mum's the word.
    And boy, what a culture shock you're in for.
    I moved from MN to VA in 1987 and some days I still have no clue ...
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    I was just in SC (Charleston) for the very first time and we fell in love with the Southern Charm! So jealous!! Congrats!
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    Great news Barb - congradulations to Hubby

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    Congratulations to your husband! And I hope this move is a grand adventure for you both. It sounds very exciting and even though moving causes initial stress, this may turn into a move that brings you both much joy. Woot woot!!
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    Congratulations!!!!!!!! I am SO HAPPY for you both!!
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    Oh I am soooooo happy for you!

    You will have no problem fitting in. When they say southern hospitality, they mean it. One thing to get used to is that people you have no idea who they are will wave at you. Just wave back. Its a friendly thing. We also talk to you everywhere whether we know you or not. You will be called "ma'am, darlin, babe, honey or sugar" on a regular basis. It means nothing other than they dont know your first name.

    You will get more help with anything you need than you expect. The average person or neighbor will step in and give you a hand and any information before you need to call an expert. Get used to standing in line at the grocery store and having complete conversations about each others lives...lol.
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    Wow! That's fantastic news!