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    I'm not use to the new posting stuff so hopefully I don't mess up!

    Glad to see some "oldies" but "goodies" are still here! I think about quite a few of you and visit your myspace at times too. *BBK* Yes, I'm the resident stalker. : )

    Let's see, news with me is the adoption was finalized on my 3 difficult children in February! I'm now their legal momma. My name has even been put on their birth certificate! Odd, but my attorney decided she'd do that part all on her own.

    difficult children biomom is in jail/prison. Not sure which it is because the info I read isn't updated often. I can't tell if she got probation on the arson cases or has been sent to prison for that many years. It's marked with a "P" and I don't get what that means! The "possession of false ids" charges have "S" on them and 2 years on 2 of them and 20 years "P" on one. Got me!?!?!?!

    I now foster cats in my "spare time," ha ha ha. At one point we had 21 cats in our house, which included 4 adult cats (my 3 and 1 mom) and the remainder were kittens, 8 of which my husband and I were bottle feeding around the clock every 3 hours. All but 1 have been adopted from that bunch and now we're down to our 3 and 9 fosters, 2 adult and 7 kittens.

    This past school year has been pure hell with a nurse calling me several times a week for allergic reactions. My youngest difficult child now has a food allergy that the allergist can't uncover. We think its food coloring, but we're not 100% sure. Sad part is, no matter how much we emphasize that it's dangerous, the lil' punk will still eat it. I can't tell you how often she calls me to rush up benedryl. You can't leave that stuff up there or it gets thrown away every 8 days. How STUPID is that! Then the rest of the week I'm getting calls from his teacher saying "well he ate this stuff, but I refused to spit it out." *rolling my eyes* He is either going to be the death of me or the death of himself.

    My oldest difficult child after 4 years with no ISS got ISS this year. Being a total smart alec with his science teacher and arguing with other kids in class. Besides that he had a pretty good year, made it in to top band for next year because apparently if you stick an instrument in his mouth for the entire hour you have him in class, he is a pretty good kid. haha

    Middle difficult child made great grades this year and only had problems with emotional break downs. His teacher would say, ASO, I can't even say, Hey Buddy, without him crying. Poor kid! psychiatrist altered his medications and it seems to be better.

    Oldest easy child got really into football and has shot up to 6' tall this year. Middle easy child is still my charmer and did okay with grades this year.

    Oldest and middle easy child and middle difficult child are playing basketball this month, we have a game every night M-F. Oldest difficult child is taking piano lessons, we figured if music was his thing we should try to encourage it, although with piano, nothing is keeping his mouth shut. So we'll see.

    Youngest difficult child told husband Monday that I lied to get him in trouble. He is lucky he is breathing right now. He and I had a "Come to Jesus" moment when I heard him giving Daddy that bullS story. I was PEAVED!

    Thats my life in a nut shell. Post here and let me know how you all have been doing!!!!!!
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    Hey Stressed! Good to hear from you, but now I need to go take a nap from your energy. ;)

    21 cats???? Oh, my.

    Glad all seems to be going well. Don't be a stranger!

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    So glad to see you. Sounds like you keep pretty busy.

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    I KNEW you were my stalker ;)

    Really glad to see you again!