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    Hi My Friends:

    I can't tell ya all how many times a day I pass this computer and want to write......I want to read.....but my time is thoroughly consumed with other things. I then tell myself that since I am here very sporadically, some might find it offensive that I come to write and haven't been responding. Then I come to my senses and remember who all you guys are.....:angel:
    So here goes, I'm more trying to vent and let y'all know what's been keeping me from here, I know I need to write it all out. Please don't anyone feel they have to respond, if you say a single prayer, I will be grateful.:angel2:

    My father is critically ill. I am an only child. I am watching my mother fall apart as this is her husband of almost 55 years. My father is a shred of his former self....Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure. He is in one of the best hospitals here in NY for the Heart. I have no hope that he will survive this. This is so unlike me, but I can't find a shred of hope barring a miracle. (God willing)
    difficult child when we left her last, had added Heroin to her resume of drug abuse. She is 25 days thru a 28 days rehab:congrats:and tomorrow she needs me to take her to the 9 month inpatient place she wants to go to see if they will accept her.......OK, I'm taking her. I pray she gets in. She is still not sincere or humbled at her situation and I have no hope that this time she will be helped, all her red flags are up!:grrr:She is doing what she has to, cause she has to......:rolleyes:
    She has gotten zero help from me and can't see the baby regularly. It will stay that way, till she proves otherwise.

    Baby "J" is wonderful. He is the most unbelievable child I have ever had the privilage to know! He is also so big, just like his mother was....so tall. We adore him and want to keep him out of the fray, forever. I don't think difficult child will ever be capable of being his mother in a responsible way.
    Boy, this post must sound so negative......
    I'm usually a positive thinker. I guess I just needed to say the real reality of the situations and that all of this is taking a toll on me. My wonderful husband has been so supportive. He is the one grounding point in my life, along with "J", of course.

    I really hope I can catch up with all of you. I do care what is going on in all your lives.

    Thanks for that e-mail Star!


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    I'm sorry to hear that you father is so ill. It must be very painful to see the strong man of your early life deteriorate that way.

    I hope difficult child gets into the program and gets on the right track.

    Sounds like baby J. is doing well. Glad things are going well with you and your new husband.
  3. PonyGirl

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    Great to hear from you melissa! So sorry your dad is ill, the words you chose to relay this news sincerely touched my heart. I am adding a special prayer for your mom to my good thoughts for all your family.

    Thanks for coming here and telling us what's up. (((Big Hugs)))

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    Hi Melissa, :)

    Nice to hear from you. I will keep your father in my prayers, and your difficult child, and you and your new husband.

    Baby J is so lucky to have you. :) I will keep hoping that your difficult child "wakes up" and starts to value her life and that precious little baby's.

    Hugs my friend.