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    I just thought I'd stop in and update on the stuff that's all still up in the air. The sd is now saying they don't know who pays for education if difficult child goes to Residential Treatment Center (RTC). They have their attny's contacting state doe to figure it out. I can't believe no one has an answer to that already. Then, the lady supposedly arranging medicaid who told me last mmonth that difficult child was approved still does not have him in the system and can't tell me if it will cover Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or not. She hasn't returned my calls lately. I called the state about that yesterday and they said I needed to call her super. I'll try today, but I usually can't get anyone at dss to answer a phone.

    The sw from dss who's supposed to be working with gal about whether or not to allow me to place difficult child into Residential Treatment Center (RTC) through them or if difficult child is just going to be turned over to them (dss) by Department of Juvenile Justice so I lose custody and they place him with my bro isn't returning my calls either. That doesn't sound like good news to me but it could just be that she's busy. The place difficult child is now is not happy about any of this because they don't know what discharge plans to make and they said they can't believe that none of this is resolved yet. I gave her the phone number to the sw at dss to see if she can get some answers. I also called the gal and left message to try to find out something. We could go to the county meeting anyway if someone would arrange it- I can't arrange it.

    The place difficult child is now wants to talk to the PO- I never signed that release form. They said they need to make discharge plans with her. Well, any time difficult child has gone to court, the gal is the one making the recommendations and the PO isn't even asked most the time. Last time she wasn't asked a single question in court and never spoke at all. Do you all see any reason to sign that release and let them talk? All the PO will do is talk bad about me. She never was going along with Residential Treatment Center (RTC) as an option and wants difficult child in state juvy. I want him to go to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and be released from Department of Juvenile Justice. I was hopiing that irf I'm allowed to place him thru dss, that will transfer him from Department of Juvenile Justice control and we could be done with the PO.

    I'm going to my therapist soon. If I'm sitting in her offic for an hour hearing how she wants to work with this county and telling me how wonderful the system is and that I should let them tell her what they want her to work on with me again, she's fired.
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    Your PO needs a new job that doesn't deal with parents and people. I think she has a God complex.

    I like your idea of difficult child getting into Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and NOT Department of Juvenile Justice - will keep hopeful for that.

    I think a therapist is supposed to talk to you about YOU things - not about how wonderful the system is. She'd be so fired.

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    They still have you jumping through hoops - hu? Jeesh! I am so baffled by all of this. I went through very similar proceedings, however in my case it was completely opposite of what you are going through. My daughter was placed through DSS and the court system but I never lost custody and always had a say in everything. DSS paid for it and the SD paid for the academic piece. In court my daughter's GAL never said a word, her PO had all of the power. The judge followed what the PO wanted. I was very lucky though, the PO was awesome.

    It's strange how each state or even county varies in procedure. I am so sorry that you have to continue to go through all of this craziness!!!

    Sending good thoughts your way................ :)
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    Thank you both! I just got back from my therapist appointment- it went pretty well today. Thank goodness! I got a message from the lady working on medicaid- she said she would have difficult child in the system today and would send me something in writing confirming it and that it his medicaid will cover Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

    FWIW- it depends on the type of medicaid the difficult child has whether or not it will cover Residential Treatment Center (RTC) costs. I guess its like most insurance companies having different types of poilicies available.
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    Just want you to know that I'm still rootin' for you and for difficult child. Hugs. DDD
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    From what I understand re: D's Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) stay - medical insurance is paying for the stay - our S.D. is paying the educational component. I'm *pretty* sure this is typically the case, and your S.D. probably knows it.

    I love when they play stupid.
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    The people at the central office of the sd are claiming that they know the sd would have to pay if it was an educational placement, but in my son's case, it would be a mental health placement, and the sd says they have never had this situation before. I think they have to pay too because if he was in the hospital for a physical illness, the sd is still responsible for educating him. If they try to claim otherwise I believe it might be an ADA issue.

    Of course the sd talked like they see no issue with difficult child at all. I think they did this so they wouldn't be responsible for accommodating him, however, the gal used that against me too by saying difficult child's issues were only at home. This hasn't always been the case- he's been arrested several times in the community in the past and the sd tried to kick him out 2 years ago. But the most recent incident was at home- so I must be the problem. LOL!
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    I'm glad to hear the medicaid will cover the Residential Treatment Center (RTC)! I'm sorry you are still dealing with that awful PO! Wish you could fire her!
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    The people throwwing out that "I'm over protective" are still buugging me- I should say instead that the statement bugs me. For one, they aren't talking about any specific decision and won't get into telling me they think I should do "ABC" instead of "XYZ". It's like a rumor but when I asked for specifics, the subject gets changed. For another, the PO wants difficult child in juvy, which would obviously be more restrictive than my home environment. For another, the current psychiatrist said this too, yet I don't see him unlocking the door and letting difficult child leave for 2 hours by himself or with other kids from there, much less without knowing where difficult child is going. So what exactly do these people mean? The mst guy told me this a couple of years ago, too, but I told him in front of the judge that if I have to allow difficult child to go out alone (at 12yo) without me knowing where he's going, who he's with or what he's doing because the mst guy thinks I should, then the mst guy can pay any restitution and take legal responsibility for any illegal action difficult child commits while gone.
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    (((( ))))
    You and my son are in my thoughts. Comapssion