Hey, guys!


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Hello, everyone! I just wanted to say "hello" and thank everyone who helped me through my difficult child being in juvy, etc. He's home now and hanging in there- we're trying lithium again with only a little change so far. However, he's back on a schedule, wants to be home, and we're taking a few days out of town before school starts. It could be worse--- then there's my bro taking me to court for custody. I'm trying to find a good attny- UGGGH on that process!!

I have a post on the Special Education board because that's the most urgent issue.

Anyway, you guys are great and I have read many posts and felt the pain of others and appreciated many words of wisdom here- I just wanted to say "Thanks" for it-


klmno, thanks for the update! Glad your son is back. Enjoy your mini vacation.

Sorry you are dealing with your brother taking you to court. It would be so much better for all involved if he supported your effforts in raising your son.

How long has difficult child been back on the Lithium? Is he at a theraputic level? This medication has helped my son with his mood issues.


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Good to see you again KLMN :grin:

Glad to you hear your son is back with you, and that the courts and doctors are working with you to help your son - finally - rather than everyone working against each other.

As for your bro, I guess you knew that was coming. My guess is that he will waste a lot of your time and his money, on a simply futile endeavor. If he wants a troubled child, there are appx 750,000 of them in foster care. Why wouldn't he chose one of them to adopt when your son already has a good mom? Grrrrrr :mad: Insanity. Oh well............I believe it will all work out, just like the court case did.

Good to see you back - and I will be keeping my fingers crossed that your son's medications click into a therapeutic mode soon. Lithium, was a life saver for us.