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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TeDo, May 13, 2012.

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    Just wondering how you and Kiddo are doing. You check in so infrequently and haven't posted about YOUR life lately. Getting kinda worried about you, ya know. Let us know how the two of you are doing....you know, the stinky neighbors, the puberty fun, medications, school ending soon, etc, etc, etc. I'm dying to know how life is going for you.
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    Stinky neighbors don't stink anymore (yay!). Kiddo is due a medication adjustment, she's starting to flake out on me. IEP advocate was supposed to call me to reschedule our appointment (IEP mtg is the 22nd) but he hasn't so I need to remember to call him to do that and I keep forgetting.

    We're supposed to take the train to Seattle next month but if this kid doesn't get a medication or attitude adjustment... oy. Until the past month or so she's been doing well, I was even able to have a sorta-life, but it's really setting in with me how I can never have anything approaching "normal" (or what works as "normal" for me) until Kiddo is independent, and that's depressing. The endless cycle of hope and letdown, Know what I mean??

    Thanks for asking, how are you doing?
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    I know. I wish for "normal" on occasion (when I'm delusional, LOL) and am always let down. It can be VERY depressing. I forget, are you changing the IEP or is it just a normal review meeting. Call me brain dead but for the life of me, I can't remember. Overall, it sounds like things are going okay for you guys, okay as life with a difficult child can be.

    We are doing fine. Things here have finally leveled out. Not great but not terrible either and no where near "normal". I am soooooo glad school is about done.

    Thanks for responding. I just really miss hearing about you.