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    I saw my son had started his own thread. He pulled a knife on me again tonight and demanded cigs and took the phones. Fortunately, I remembered his cell phone hidden in the car. I was sitting in the car out front of the house and called 911. They arrested him this time. difficult child was bawling. I told them that I knows he needs help and they made me write my statement myself. It said :

    "My son is bipolar and has been unstable for several months. He was in XXX hospital two weeks ago but should not have been discharged. I tried to get him into a psychiatric Residential Treatment Center (RTC) but could not. Tonight he held a knife near my throat then oon the back of my wrist and demanded cigarettes and took the phones. I gave him cigarettes and went to the car to call 911 from a cell phone."

    Well, do you think anyone will notice now? I have to be in court tomorrow morning for his arraignment. This has never been his "regular" judge that we see for arraignments but I don't know how they will handle it this time. I went to the courts today and checked on my status of request to judge to place difficult child in Residential Treatment Center (RTC). She still had not set a hearing date. She can set one now. Then, I put in a form to talk with social services about placing difficult child in foster care. PO saw me and asked what I was doing. I told her and she said "well, you still have to do this in home".

    I hate to think what kind of shape difficult child is going to be in. He didn't get his medications tonight and won't have them in the morning. I know this will land him in state juvy. It breaks my heart.
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    {{{Klmno}}} I'm so relieved that you are safe. I hope difficult child gets the help he needs.
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    Oops- this was meant for General- can a Moderator move it please?
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    Thanks for updating us. We were a bit worried for you, but were hoping you were in the car calling 911. Keep us posted.
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    I'll keep it here, since he posted in WC.
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    I'm so glad you are safe. I can only imagine how difficult this is for you and how scary this must have been. Hugs and continued prayers.
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    Actually, Loth & klmno, I just removed the post from her son. I'll move this over to General.
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    okay. that's fine.
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    I'm glad you are both safe...right now concentrate on that. HUGS.

    IN HOME????? Is she out of her flipping MIND????????????????????????
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    Well, believe it or not, that is what the sw at psychiatric hospital wrote in her recommendation when difficult child was discharged 2 weeks ago- after being admitted, willingly, for doing this same thing. What kills me about this is that this will lead him to detention, not help. I feel like I have completely lost him now and I'm going to do a lot of crying when this really hits me.
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    So glad you are ok. Saw the first post, and I was worried about you. Maybe the moronic system will listen now. Hugs, and sorry it came to this
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    klmno, I'm glad you're safe. I'm sorry it's come to this. I will hold a positive thought for you and difficult child. Many gentle hugs coming your way.
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    I am so sorry--

    Sending you support and prayers tonight!

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    Thank you all....I wonder if it would do any good to ask if he can leave detention to go to psychiatric hospital tomorrow...??
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    I am so sorry, klmno.
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    I am so sorry sending prayers of your hurting heart. -RM
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    A man from the detention center just called. difficult child had told him that he's BiPolar (BP) and needs his medications. I told him I'd bring them in the morning- he'll just do without tonight's dose. He was real nice and told me to be at hearing tomorrow am just in case judge let difficult child out. I doubt he'd let him out- but I asked if he thought judge would consider letting him out to go straight to psychiatric hospital. He basicly said he didn't know but it would be a good thing to ask.

    He said he was aware that difficult child had issues and they would watch him closely and have him in a room with someone esle. I asked if it was going to be a 17 yo and he said no, they were keeping it safe. Then I told him that difficult child laso has self-harming behavior at times and he said he knew- he could see previous cut marks on his arms. He sounded concerned- then he let me talk to difficult child a few mins. I told difficult child I wish this hadn't happened and that we need to ask for release to psychiatric hospital tomorrow. difficult child said he would. I told difficult child that if he gets into psychiatric hospital, instead of just doing and saying what it takes to get out this time, he needs to let them know what he told me- that he needs more help than that. He said ok and we each said our I love you's.

    That man really must have been concerned- I have never had one call me and asked about difficult child and let us talk on the phone.
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    Does anyone know which scenario would give us the best chance in getting difficult child into a psychiatric Residential Treatment Center (RTC)- 1) being turned over to state Department of Juvenile Justice or 2) going to psychiatric hospital for 3rd time in 7 weeks, but they won't recommend Residential Treatment Center (RTC) yet because they can't figure out a way to get it funded- sd said difficult child didn't need it, my insurance won't cover it, and difficult child's therapist is pushing for extensive supports (not just in home therapy) at home- but a few people here (in my area) have said that the more psychiatric hospital stays, the more it proves that more is needed. I think I'll push for psychiatric hospital stay.
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    Wow, so glad you are safe. I was pretty alarmed at his post -- he sounded very concerned about the situation when you were out in the car. Like the horse was already out of the barn and he was worried about how to get it back... poor kid. Poor MOM! Hang in there, I think you are doing the right thing.
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    klmno: Now get some rest ...take care of yourself and get some rest. You deserve to really set down this burden. Set the burden down and relax fully. Let your mind rest. Do not let any thoughts interupt your stillness. Let all that outside stuff outside ...it is just you and stillness and you are fully able to just relax. For you are safe. You are safe and you deserve to rest. All that is over now.