Hey Janet, what's the update on Cory???

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KFld, Apr 25, 2007.

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    Just wondering how things are going and where they stand right now with Cory. I'm assuming he's still in jail. How are you holding up and how is husband doing?????
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    Hey Karen...thanks for thinking of us. Corys still in jail. I swear this place is weird here. Or maybe its that I dont understand jails...lol. That could be it. They are not logical places I dont think. Maybe they like to make things as difficult and annoying as possible.

    Cory's visiting days are tuesdays and fridays. His times are different on both days. Weird I know. So I go to visit on Tuesday and he asked me if I could put some money on his "canteen" so he could get some snacks because he used up the money he had on him when he came in on soap, socks and a toothbrush. Well I said ok because I only had 10 bucks on me and he was thrilled to get that. He can only go to his canteen account one day a week which was today. I went to do this on my way out from visiting him yesterday and they wouldnt accept CASH!!!! HUH? Cash isnt good enough for these people? No...I would have to go and get a money order and then they would be closed by the time I got back! Sheesh. So I had to run out there again this morning and leave a money order for him.

    And wouldnt you think I would have to make the money order out to the jail...or something like that? Ohhhh no. I had to make it out with His name and my name. Then they had to take all my information including my social security number and put it into their little computer. I was not happy! Someone from there can now steal my identity and go on a crime spree. I dont trust those people down there. They already stole an item from me before when he was in there and I never got it back. They may be in some form of law enforcement but doesnt men they are honest. We have deputies being indicted all the time here.

    Im sitting here waiting to hear from Cory about his court date today. He was supposed to go today about a bail hearing. They could be unsecuring some of his charges. Who knows. Im actually surprised I havent heard from him yet. Maybe court ran long or they didnt get to go or who knows.

    He is doing a lot of thinking. I hope.
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    They most likely don't accept cash so a person can't steal it. Or someone might insist they gave cash, when they didn't. You would think there would be a better way. In court, fighting a trafic ticket (talking about stupid law enforcement) I went through the metal detector, it was fine, but I also had a sewing box with me.( I was making a quilt by hand). The cop took my sewing box around the metal detector for me. He didn't even look in it. In the sewing box I had a pair of 10-inch very sharp scissors! So much for all the security!!!! I hope Cory's charges are downgraded.-Alyssa
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    Janet, the money order thing is standard operating procedure in jails and prisons - no cash is accepted ever! Ours is the same way where I work ... in fact, ours has to be mailed in, never dropped off in person. Ours can only get money in from people who are on their approved visiting list too ... too many "payoffs" through one inmate's family to another if they don't do it this way. Cash is NEVER accepted because it would be too easy for family members to send in $10 and then claim they sent in $20 and that somebody pocketed the difference. And until recently, we would only accept Postal money orders and no other kind because some of the others were too easily altered. We've had a HUGE problem with altered money orders - family members would buy one for $3 or $5 or $10 and then add zeros! Some are rather crudely done, but some people apparently are very good at it!

    And the money orders have to be made out in the inmates name because each inmate has his own separate "trust fund" account - this is THEIR money but they can't have it in cash - for obvious reasons. When they are released, they have to be given whatever money, if any, is still in their account. There may be a problem with money in some smaller jails, but the state institutions are so strictly run, it would be almost impossible for this to happen. Our Trust Fund lady has been there for 29 years and she wouldn't be risking her job or her pension for some guy's $10!

    Please don't be offended by this because I KNOW that you would never do anything like this ... but inmate's family members trying to bring in drugs or weapons, either when visiting or through the mail, is a MAJOR problem in jails and prisons. At least once a week, sometimes more, our mail room staff will find a big stash of drugs in a package being mailed in to an inmate, or catch visitors trying to bring in drugs or cash to pass off to an inmate. We've even found people who hide drugs in their childrens clothing or shoes because they assume that the children won't be searched! It's a cold, cruel world out there, and you just wouldn't believe what some people will do!
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    Oh I can understand searching folks and all that good stuff. I can even understand the money order thing now that you explain it that way Donna...I would have understood it more if they had said...fill it out say to XXX county correctional facility Inmate number such and such or name such and such. I just thought it odd to be filled out for him and I together. How the devil is that going to get cashed? Im not there and they didnt have me sign it!

    The thing Im really complaining about is getting all my info. Im not in jail and why they needed my social is beyond me. I am already on his visitors list. My social is not on my drivers license here. We have a different number. Now I am sure if they really want to find it out they can but.

    There is really no way to pass stuff to an inmate in visiting. Sealed glass and phones.
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    I'm with you, I understand the why, but I wouldn't like it either. We just got our background checks for clinicals, so now my name social and fingerprints are in the national database. I am NOT a happy camper. But if I wanted to graduate, I had no choice.

    I hope Cory is using this time to think of how he can go from here to make his life better. I'm glad you're getting to visit him.

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    Janet, they don't actually "cash" all the money orders seperately. In the State institutions there is one big "trust fund" account at a local bank and every day one of us has to go running to the bank to make the deposit - there are all kinds of checks & balances and policies about who prepares the deposit and who can actually take it to the bank. How much each inmate actually has in there is all kept up with on state-wide computer programs. The interest from this account is used to purchase recreation equipment. Different kinds of fines, court fees, victim restitutions, etc. can be taken out of their accounts, whether they like it or not, at least in the State systems!
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    Glad to hear he's doing a lot of thinking. Hopefully what ever he thinks about will stick in his mind once he gets out of there and he does what he needs to with his life so he never has to go back.
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    Leave it to our county to be different..lol. All they accept is
    cash, taken in person by a person who provides a drivers license
    identification. You do get a written cash receipt showing time,
    date, person etc.

    The money in the account has the daily housing fee taken out of it first, then medication charges and any medical visits and
    then...the remaining money can be used to order canteen stuff
    which includes socks, sweatshirts, blankets as well as all the snack stuff. They money has to be in the account by Wed. night.
    The orders are placed with staff on Thursday.....and then the
    orders are available (I think) on the following Tuesday or Wed.
    With easy child/difficult child taking the medications that "they" have to provide at a much
    higher price than we pay with insurance, and checking him fairly
    often because of his brain injury...it was tricky getting money
    in the account for snacks which he really wanted as they ate
    dinner at 5 PM and didn't have breakfast until 6 AM.

    Boy the exciting things we learn with difficult child's. Bah! Humbug! DDD
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    janet, when they get there in our jails they do get soap and a toiletries kit. I did not give ant snack money. hey it is jail.
    they did accept cash at some, others wouldnt. ant could only have one visit per week in any of the three jails he was in, and only approved listed people.

    they never ever asked for my social. any where.
  11. DammitJanet

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    Here they dont charge for keeping him...lol. They do charge him for socks and undies and shirts. I guess if he wanted to buy a blanket he could...havent asked. Personally Im not getting that comfortable yet. Maybe later. I have no idea about medication costs because I was told the state has to pay for them. Shrugs.

    We have this code going on with the telephone because I have a cellphone and he cant call me collect. At least for the moment I havent prepaid anything. I guess if he actually serves any length of time I will do that but for right now he calls and puts about 4 words in where his name goes and leaves me a message that way.

    He can use the phone about 4 times a day so we get messages that way. Examples are: visit tuesday nite loveya, Im watchin IDOL! Loveyou Daddy tell mom, dropped one, mumbleprobation?,

    The last one was got today and we are very confused...lol. I missed his call and it went to his dads phone. All his dad heard was the word probation. I got the one about something dropped one last nite after he went to court yesterday. Needless to say tomorrow should be interesting when we visit him.

    The reference to him watching American Idol is really quite cute because you have to know our family. It has been a custom in our house for husband and I to call each other on the phone and talk to each other while AI is on and "watch" it together no matter where we are because he works out of town so often. It kinda keeps us connected. Kinda like that song about underneath that same star we are always together. Well I think Cory wanted to reach out and let us know that he was with us watching AI too...together with us. Even if he wasnt physically with us. Sweet huh...lmao...really pulling those old heart strings. Ok...yes he is pulling every manipulative thing he can. The boy is good.
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    I'm so sorry this happened, Janet.


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    janet, ant used to do that too sometimes. he would say a short sentence in the part where they can say their name. he was only allowed about 10 calls before they stopped letting him do that and made you put money on account for the calls.
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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Sweet huh...lmao...really pulling those old heart strings. Ok...yes he is pulling every manipulative thing he can. The boy is good. </div></div>

    He's good, but you've already got him pegged. lmao