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    Are you mad at me?? I have a question about accounts for those incarcerated. I got the phone account taken care of and difficult child called last night. Now, there's another account I can set up for him to have spending money. What's that supposed to be used for and what's a good amount I can expect him to spend each week? I mean, I get that they'll probably be able to buy snacks with it, but are they buying shampoo and toothpaste and books or a radio or what? I don't want difficult child going without toiletries and want him to have a little extra, but he doesn't need as much as tot mom is getting.
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    Not mad...lol. I lost my phone in my car and had to wait for Tony to get home so I could use his phone to locate said missing phone.

    Now....I cant believe what Tot mom is buying...She must be in one fancy jail! Lobster and fancy chocolates and all that jazz? Not in my local lockdown...lol.

    When Cory was in jail he had what was called canteen money and they could buy chips, Little Debbies, juices, sometimes soda I think, stamps and paper, soap, deodorant, socks, boxers, tshirts, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Things like that. I know that if he had went to prison he could have worked to earn money to buy a tv or radio.
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    Oh..I didnt say how much we gave him. We put about 15 a week on his account if all he was getting was food. A bit more if he needed other items.
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    OK, maybe I'll start him out with about $30 and see how it goes- after all, eh won't need to buy clothes every week and he doesn't need to buy everything all at once- he can wear what they give him some. And if there's going to be anybody from our house eating lobster for the next year, it's going to be me. LOL!

    Well, I'm glad you're not mad and that you found your phone!
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    Ask the powers that be what he should be allowed to buy. They may provide toiletries. If so....you will want to scale your account to what is normal for the kids. Be prepared to find out he learns to gamble...lol. The kids play cards and use snacks as money.

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    LOL!! Yeah- he learned to play Spades in the local detention and they bet half the snack or something. One place he was in short term - the bboys were cheeking seroquel and betting it. That scares me a little.

    He'll have to learn to budget- spending money and phone calls both. Last night, we figured out that it isn't Department of Juvenile Justice that limits his calls, it's this phone comapny that the account is with. He got to talk 10 mins, then it cut off. So, of course he calls right back. I don't mind so much right now- it's 99 cents a call- but this can't turn into a few bucks a day, every day. He didn't call tonight- I told him last night that we could talk more often this week and next week (he just got the priviledge and is in the process of transferring and he has done well where he's been)- but, after next week, we will need to pick a couple of days a week for calls.
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    I am a sap. In all but the final jail time during which I was so mad at Cory I wouldnt have cared if he dropped dead, I was a regular visitor and made sure he had money. I also made sure he had phone privileges once I figured that out too. I even went so far as buying an old TV out of his funds one time when he was in for a spell when his cell didnt have a TV because the former inmates had ruined the one that was in there. Normally they have a TV but if it gets broken...well the county doesnt replace...inmates do. Somewhere I have a donated TV...lol. Cory was very grateful since they dont even allow books or magazines. If they would have allowed me to send in books I would have done that instead of getting him the tv...lol.
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    You're kidding- they allow tv but not books?? I'm not so sure these kids will get a tv- I'm not even sure difficult child will be in a cell instead of mass sleeping in one large room- we'll see. Thanks for the info-
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    THey also trade postage stamped envelopes for food.

    Dude, much to our chagrin, was quite the entrepreneur in Department of Juvenile Justice. He amassed so many stamped envelopes that he never went hungry.