Hey Klmno, hows it going with the clothes?

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    Have you started with the selling? Did you pick a method?

    I thought about you today when I went on Ebay to search for the meat grinder I am getting Tony for Xmas. I found the perfect one and am ordering it in 4 days so I can get the sale price.

    After Xmas I will be buying another lot of jeans for Keyana cause she is about to outgrow all her 3T jeans but I have to see what she gets for Xmas.

    If you tell me what size clothes these are, maybe I know someone that needs some. Never know.
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    I have two piles. I'll check on ths sizes in just a min and let you know. I just got finished with another project- that hopefully would have led to my glasses but it didn't. I think they are officially lost. :(

    Thanks for thinking of me. I'm juggling writing my vents so I don't hold them in (the whole HI and Department of Juvenile Justice thing), cleaning, and typical stuff- bills, grocery list. I got a thick lletter or something from my mother today. I haven't even opened it yet- and plan to wait until I get a few more things done this evening or else I might not get them done. Do you remember how she called me a few months ago saying I wasn't welcome at her home anymore (but difficult child is), she is writing me out of the will, blah blah blah? She never apologized but mentioned to me where her will was so I could find it because only I could do something with it, after that. Then, Wed she left me a phone message saying I should have known that I was invited to visit her for TG (like I wanteed more of that). So now I get something in a legal size envelope so thick it required 2 stamps. Oh, boy! LOL!

    Back to the clothes- I can tell you that some have been put back for a while- since difficult child was 11 yo. The ones from last year fit him at about 5'-5", 165-180 lbs. Jeans, shirts, mostly. A couple of pairs of shoes.

    Also, we had a pretty good telescope but it needs adjusting and the wire needs repair (fairlly simple). I hope I can start on an inventory sheet tomorrow. It would help me keep track of what I can list/sell, and I might just copy it onto a thread here in case anyone would like something from it.

    I might have some small female clothes (not a child's), too but I need to clean out my closets. I hoarded some stuff from the days I could fit into size 4 and 6 (petite) but I'm way beyond given up on fitting into them again at this point.
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  3. DammitJanet

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    I would list the telescope on craigslist because that would be hard to ship. Remember...take a good picture and only take cash.

    If he was 160 to 180...would those pants be like 34 x 30s maybe or near there?
  4. klmno

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    yes- i think so.