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    You mentioned a couple weeks back about how great the WiiFit was for getting some exercise at home. I don't know if you remember or not, but I mentioned that I had purchased difficult child a Wii way back in January.

    Well, today he completed his first year of middle school and I gave it to him this afternoon! I know it's a big thing, but it was a great year for him and I also thought this would be a way for him to do what he really enjoys (video games) and get some movement other than in his thumbs!

    Well girl let me tell you, I don't need the WiiFit! I just spend 90 minutes boxing, playing tennis and bowling and I am worn plum out!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually worked up a nice sweat and really got the old ticker going while boxing. Man, it's a workout! The bowling was a little slower, but fun.

    I enjoyed the tennis once we got the hang of it. Tomorrow we'll try the baseball and golf!

    So, you were right to recommend a Wii for a fun challenge with the family. easy child was here for a little while (before running out with her friends for the last day of school celebrations!!) and she and difficult child had a ball boxing!

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    wii is definatley a fun thing for grown ups too, I also like the duck hunt on the wii play, and ping pong works up a sweat too
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    I haven't had a chance to try the ping pong and I didn't even know about the duck hunt!

    What I like about WiiFit is the way it keeps track of you from day to day, checking on your diet progress and fitness outcomes. Centre of gravity, for example, is something ti tracks and with balance exercises as well as yoga, aerobic and other options, it takes fitness to a whole new level.

    In the balance games, I really like the table tilt where you use your centre of gravity as a cursor. My balance isn't great (although it's better than I thought) and this is really helping me. It's also helping difficult child 3 a great deal, with all the things DORE would have, if we

    1) had been willing to spend the money;
    2) could have made the long trip to the other side of Sydney for the therapy sessions;
    3) they had not recently gone into receivership in Australia; and
    4) I had not felt it was way over-priced considering it should be (and used to be, under a different name) more widely available for far less.

    So, for the price of this game system and the WiiFit (total - wouldn't have been more than A$300-400) we're getting a workout at home as often as we like (often daily) instead of driving for two hours each way 12 times a year and paying over ten times the cost (plus petrol) for the privilege.

    AND we're ALL doing it, not just difficult child 3. Having fun watch each other, too. Did you know that it doesn't help with the soccer to duck when a shoe is flying at you?

    You're enjoying Wii Sports - I tell you, WiiFit is even better! It's all really good.

    I'm hoping to get on to some step aerobics again today, to work off the pavlova I ate last night at the dinner husband & I went to.