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    Check this out ...

    Is this anything like the miniature trains that you're involved with? This picture was taken back in 1905.

    I absolutely LOVE this website! I can get totally lost in it and spend hours looking at all the old pictures. Fascinating stuff!

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    Thats a terrific link. Marg and Marg's man are involved with miniature trains? How neat-o!!!

    We have one at our main waterfront/marina, a family oriented touristy kind of beach area. We have a quite nice train like that actually, which they are expanding to do quite a long route and adding 2 new complete trains in the next year or two. There are some gorgeous carosels too, made by local artisans, but I love the train best, my kids too. Never feel silly hopping in, even as adults with no kids with us. Its a big money maker for the historical society that runs it with volunteers. I find it fascinating if marg and her hubby are into these. I want to know more!
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    This whole site is just fascinating to me! It's old super-detailed photos on all different subjects, and if you click to show them full sized, you can see even more detail. Most of them are from the early 1900's and it's just like stepping back in time. There are literally thousands of photographs showing little slices of life from over a hundred years ago. The dirty-faced boy in the picture, Shorpy Higgenbotham, was a real person, a boy who went to work in the coal mines when he was just a child like so many did back then, and they named the site after him. There's a whole series of photographs here that depict children working in the coal mines, dangerous factories, etc. Once you get started looking at all the pictures, you just can't stop! Very addictive!
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    husband id the one involved with miniature trains. When we married, he already had a collection of scale model trains. But now it has to be live steam. He's building his own miniature live steam locomotive. He belongs to a club which actually has a public running day this coming Sunday.

    Have a look to see what is involved. I'm not sure why, but few if any pictures are of husband or any of us. Anyway, most of the pics are of the trains!