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    I noticed on your good morning thread today that you mentioned wedding stuff. Am I losing my mind more than I thought or didn't your daughter already get married??? And if so, did I miss the pictures?
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    I haven't put up any pictures yet of my SON's wedding (difficult child 1) in November. But both girls are also getting married this year. easy child in May and easy child 2/difficult child 2 in October.

    We sorted out the problem of the wedding dress, thank goodness. She had found the dress she had her heart set on, it is really lovely (but expensive, as they all are - white lace over gold satin) then they rang her to tell her that the price had gone up a few more hundred dollars. She was upset - why ring to say the price has already gone up? Why not ring to say, "Order now, if you want it at the old price."
    Turns out, that was what they were trying to do, very clumsily. But by the time I worked out what was goingon, the deadline had passed. And as it was a deadline from the manufacturer (who apparently is a stickler for deadlines) we had missed the boat. easy child 2/difficult child 2 was in floods of tears, her dresss that she had chosen everything around (the reception place, the shoes, the colour scheme for the bridesmaids, everything) was looking even further out of her reach.

    So I rang around, found another shop that might be able to help out (a discount on the new price; easy child 2/difficult child 2 never bothered trying to bargain them down) then this morning I rang the old dress shop, ready to rip 'em a new one. They capitulated suspiciously fast (but at least capitulated) but want the order places ASAP. However, easy child 2/difficult child 2 is still waiting to hear if she can get a better deal from a regional city, she will be there in a couple of weeks for a fitting (but must make a decision sooner, of course - next 24 hours). She's learning to negotiate, carefully. Not easy.

    And today we drove to a part of Sydney noted for a proliferation of good quality discount fabric stores. The sort of places that break all regulations about distance between aisles, bolts of fabric lined up everywhere stacked fifty deep so you have to squeeze through and try to not trip. And wonder of wonders - a genius staff member who has an encyclopedic knowledge of exactly what fabric is where, what weight of fabric will suit your needs, and exactly how much fabric you will need to make the dress you've just roughly sketched on the back of an envelope.

    We bought $400 worth of silk shantung and half a metre of gold brocade.

    It was in the western suburbs on an already hot day, where the temperatures climb past the ton (over 100 F in the old numbers, over 40 C) and most shops are NOT air-conditioned. daughter in law had come along at the last minute and her presence was invaluable.

    Of course, while in this place (a sort of ghetto where several different cultural groups clash, sometimes bloodily) we stocked up on ethnic food supplies and fresh vegetables. Then eventually got back to the car to find the bottled water was now so hot it would have only needed a tea bag to make a darned good cuppa. I ended up beinglate for my appointment with the doctor this evening, but we're now much further down the road for easy child 2/difficult child 2's wedding organisation.

    But easy child's wedding is earlier. Hopefully everything there is going well. She's older, more capable, a more skilled negotiator. I am so glad I taught her well!

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    mstang67chic Going Green

    Ok, so I was only off a bit! LOL

    Glad to hear things are progressing...some stress but progressing. I had enough things to stress me out for my OWN wedding that I like hearing other people's stories. I can sit back, empathize and be glad I've already done it! LOL

    Keep us posted!