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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by dreamer, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. dreamer

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    I sympathize with your record snow yesterday.

    Hey come on! You did NOT have to SHARE!
    It has been snowing big fat fluffy flakes since about 8 this morning here, now, and it is coming down fast!

    The good news is, I do not think it is supposed to be significant here......and anyway, we still have our 5 ft mounds all over from all the rest of the snow we got so far this year. - so this really does not make much difference.

    My paper said we average approx 30 inches per season, and this year we got 80 inches+

    I am NOT loking forward to the possible flooding when it does all begin to melt. :-(

    I AM looking forward to spring this year!!!!!! Flowers, green grass and SUNSHINE!!!!!!!
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO - Mom sent me pictures of their record snow fall for this time of year -

    17 BEAUTIFUL, GLORIOUS, WONDERFUL inches of snow = My Mom said "I do not remember saying to the skies - BRING IT ON."

    She had hip surgery recently and has no help - trying to plow her drive and walk - if you don't every so often it only makes it worse if there is an emergency - so she's out shoveling. (I hate kids - there are several teens in her neighborhood and do you think ONE of them would offer to help? I even offered to pay them - and nope - no one interested._ lazy)

    I can't wait to get there.
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    Nice try, Dreamer. We sent our storm East. :D
  4. dreamer

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    LOL wyntersgrace.
    Star, ya know, that happened to us, here, too. MY kids, and all the neighbors and the kids at HS and church? ALl those years I worked 2 jobs, and husband was too sick, and then when I was so gosh darn sick...O WAY could I shovel. My driveway is a car and a half length long and a car and a half length wide, and I offered $50 to ANYONE who would shovel the gosh darn thing, and nope....I never did get anyone to do it. It was the same with lawn mowing and raking leaves, too. I have less than one fifth acre, in town, and noone would mow for $50, even! It takes me less than an hour to do it, now (YAY and I enjoy doing it!!!!) BUT all that time when I was too sick or never here to be able to do it? It was awful and the fines from my city for it not being done were embarassing and sad.
    When I was in Marine COrps League Aux, the corps would be looking for places to go to help veterans....mowing, painting, raking etc and while I did do enough volunteer work for the corps that I earned our detachment a first place state level award, I never cold get them to believe that i could not do things like rake, mow and shovel, and neither could my 100% disabled service connected husband. I am truly so appreciative of my newly restored phsyical ability to do it myself!!!!!!!