Hey ponygirl how are you


Yes it has d c has not talked to me in a month but I was expecting that.wife has started to settle in to her grove she is finally starting to feel retired. My son is upset with me still but he seems to be ok with my wife weird but as the days pass my guilt slowly is passing somedays better than others but I'm try to get back to my life. Don't know what the future will bring but at least now I know how I will deal with it.I think a lot about all the people that have befriended me on this site what a relief it was to finally hear from people that understood.I think of your story and just feel for you. You were so kind to me when I was in such a bad place. I wish there was more I could do you see so nice a person I hope you find a way to cope and stay healthy. Sounds like you have a great hubby it's nice to have someone by your side we'll have to go keep in touch love hearing from you hope your getting some rest