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    I was curious....did you or Dude ever file a complaint on his PO or whatever the moron is that showed up to Dude's job?
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    No - THe foster parents did. See......I'm his Mom - and at 18 with him in Foster care that doesn't carry much weight. But when Dude's mood was going in the wrong direction after ALL of us have worked together SO hard?

    Let's just say that even the foster MOM was bent. (putting it mildly)

    And no one was walking around on eggshells because of the bad mood - Dude actually sat down and told the fosters what the caseworker had said and then Dude (still miffed) was okay about it - but the fosters were NOT.

    So they called the Foster care agency - and told the director there.

    That director was left with a gaping mouth. She asked the fosters if the men I work with would give statements as to the violation of privacy and every one of them - all six said ABSOLUTELY -

    I don't know if it got to that point yet - but - it's in the works.

    WE may never know - but at the very least the caseworker is in HOT HOT water.
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    mstang67chic Going Green

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    Good for foster parents. :D

    Oh.........to be a fly on the wall. heheheheheh
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    I am so glad the foster's stood up for Dude. I think that it shows Dude how important HE is, and how much they value his rights. Even if HIS word wouldn't be enough for a complaint, the fosters' word and then the back-up by the other people show how awful the guy was.

    I am glad the guy is in hot water. I just wish it was boiling oil.
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    Susie* remind me NEVER to make you angry! lol......