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    Received my copy of "The GI Diet" Friday and read the whole book early yesterday morning. I also purchased "Living with the GI Diet" but it has not arrived yet. It seems to make so much sense.

    Couple questions - did you do the pantry and fridge purge when you started?

    Did you actually follow the red, yellow, green light theory the whole time? Just wondering because there are some fruit and veggies on that yellow list that I wouldn't be able to have until maintenance which will be a long while..........

    Wondering if you did kinda a moderation of the GI thing since you eat the prepared frozen meals? How did they fit in since they are processed (or at least partially processed)?

    Anyway, I'm excited to start and I think I may do the purge tomorrow after work. I will keep the very bottom shelf of the pantry for some things for difficult child. Put it at the bottom out of sight!

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    Hey Sharon.
    I think I was the one who posted about the G. I. Diet books, although Star's advice on a low glycemic index diet is spot-on.

    I did indeed do the fridge purge. husband and I took about a car-load of things over to difficult child's Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for him (Since he's quite underweight, we figured that it was a good balance -- give him the things that help you gain weight, so that we could lose weight).

    And we were very strict about following the red / yellow / green for the longest while, until we each got accustomed to how our bodies tolerate the diets. We have each learned where we can and can't push the boundaries a bit without backsliding. However, until your body gets used to the new way of eating and you understand how your body reacts to changes in blood sugar, I recommend sticking to a pretty strict regimen.

    Another G.I. book that I found very useful was the G. I. Diet clinic. It's in workbook format, so you can track your progress week by week, keep notes and that sort of thing. If you don't want to buy a 3rd book, a website like SparkPeople gives you the tracking mechanisms, and you can follow the GI meal plans rather than the Spark ones.
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    Thanks Trinity!

    I read that whole book in one sitting with my orange highlighter in hand!

    I've decided to do the pantry and fridge purge. Fortunately our local neighborhood churches have a joint food pantry for the unopened stuff. Not sure about the opened stuff yet...

    It pretty much says you have to stay on the green list for Phase 1 which is weight loss and if I'm going to do it, I'm going to commit. Like you said, until I get a few months under my belt, I'm sticking to the really low index/low calorie plan. I'm working all day tomorrow so Wed is slated for pantry purging!

    I'm still waiting for the Living with the GI Diet book to get here which has a lot of meal plans and recipes. I'll check into the third one.


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    Trinity -

    I did the fridge/pantry purge today! difficult child has his own shelf (the bottom one) in the pantry. I did a little shopping today to get me started. Day 1........

    Now, what can you tell me about the high GI #'s on ff/sf jello and pudding? What's up with that?

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    Sharon, the pantry purge is such a great first step. Makes you feel ready for a fresh start.

    I'm not entirely sure about why the fat free/sugar free jello snacks have a high GI #. The carb and sugar counts seem to be compliant (1 g each), so I can only guess. I suspect it's because they don't really fill you up or stay with you very long. The point of low GI foods is that they keep your blood sugar on an even keel and allow you to feel satisfied for several hours, until the next meal.

    Based on personal experience, when I eat a sugar free jello snack, I want to eat something else about 5 min later.