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    I just found this site and I am sure hoping to find other parents pulling through
    this challenging esperiance of being "in charge". When I was a kid, who knew the omnipatant parents were actually doing it for the first time!
    My boy has just hit another developemental stage and I am doing my level best to be the example and rock and disiplinarian and I AM all alone with it.
    I get it from every direction.
    OK, I do hear some people praising me and things like "you are doing the right thing" or some such. But it sure feels like I am missing something.
    I feel blessed...my son is bright and he is doing well in school and he has friends and some of them I really like.
    I have every reason to believe my son is going to mature and get on with a good life as an adult. That reason is that I have every intention of going the extra mile and never giving up and redirecting the attention to that point on the horizon.
    I hope I find other determined parents who are not satisfied with letting their teen ager wobble off course and then mucking about until they reach middle age and the hormones taper off and they wake up out of a haze and then go on the path that was missed.
    I am so greatfull for the teachers and the conselors and the book out there and the phone lines where I have sustained my own tenuous grasp on sanity till now.
    I am hoping that here I will encounter others who are ready willing and able to be friends encouraging and appreciative.
    This parenting a fantastic kid with a twist is alot of thankless work.
    In a way, thats the good news. No poparazzi.:faint:
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    Hi there :) A big welcome here. I've been through three teens already (ugh) and I have a 15 yr. old boy and a 12 year old girl. I had one child who was um challenging to say the least. We never gave up on her--she's now 24, back in college, has had a boyfriend for six years (I call him my son-in-law, although they haven't married) and she is a fantastic cook--won many state contests and is going into Pastry Arts. This daughter took every drug under the sun and a few more...now she won't even take an aspirin. She is all-naturale. I think that if we try really hard there are many kids who will one day decide "I don't like my life and I'm changing it" which is what happened with my daughter. Not all kids come around, and it's not the parent's fault in my opinion. After they turn about 17 there is little we can do if they make bad choices. Legally, we run out of options. But it's so great that you're involved. Too many parents don't seem to care about what their kids are doing. Can't wait to hear more about you and your family. My little history is below this post.
    Welcome again :)
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    I just want to add my welcome and let you know I'm glad you're here. I look forward to getting to "know" you better... WFEN
  4. Hound dog

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    Welcome to the board. :D

    been there done that with the teens. And everyone complains about terrible twos! :rofl: Gimme a 2 yr old anyday. ;) Always nice to meet a fellow warrior Mom. Glad you found us.

  5. Jena

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    Welcome!! :)

    Glad you found us! Yes, teenagers hmmm is all i can say about them! LOL

    It's a great place here, you may want to post in the General Area though so you can be welcomed by the others as well. This is a great place, with alot of helpful people and wonderful support.

    Welcome again :)
  6. Abbey

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    Welcome!! been there done that with 4. Thank goodness they've all flown the coupe. I know that sounds bad, but it's nice to have some sort of down time after all these years.

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    :DAbby, The last break I had was six years ago. Recently a person attempting to be helpful suggested I might need conseling now to prepare for
    that empty nest....I love my son, I am in for the end goal for him...yet the thought of not having to worry or be woken or called into service or serving everyday...the thought of things remaining unbroken, in the right place, the
    idea of planning a day or spending the money on what I need, or want....hey.
    it does not "sound bad". In fact the idea of it sparks the dare to dream in me.
    Thanks for caring! Sounds pretty darn good from here!
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    Hi there Roper......

    So is the rope free as in gratis or are you keeping the head out of the noose literally and figuratively?

    VERY clever name.

    Just wanted to add my welcome -

  9. Ropefree

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    Star* Your Highness, Thank you for the complement.(curtsy) I came by the name honestly, since you inquired. I will back toward the door now in the customary style.