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    I was on here daily for several months awhile ago. My oldest DS is just my difficult child. He had so many emotional issues and I was given so many different diagnosis'. The last time I wrote he had moved from NY to IN with his father and we moved here in June. So I was away from him for 4 months but we did have 2 visits during that time.

    I want to thank everyone here for all the support I was given during that horrible horrible time. But I am happy to report that my son has turned a new leaf.

    Since moving here and us moving back here to IN to be near him (I see him daily after school for a short time, then on weekends) he has been able to STOP all medications, last to stop was the Zoloft, he's been off for about 4 months now. He is on the honor roll!!!! The teachers are super impressed by his change in willingness to learn, and his attitude towards himself.

    He still does counseling but it's down to 1 every 6 weeks, and his counselor is impressed as well. He is still very immature I feel for his age (he's 11) but it's about normal boy things, bodily noises, girls, etc..but he is less argumentative and disobedient. It's just so much happier and easier.

    Anyways just wanted to give a happy update -- there's hope
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    I wonder how you are every once in awhile!!! I am so glad to hear he is doing well!!! I am also glad to read that the move etc. went smoothly...
    It sounds like you made some great choices for everyone!!!
    Keep us posted as to what is working is working or not working, when you get time!!!

    Good job!!!
    :dance: :bravo:
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    Oh.....I love the happy updates....that's awesome!!!!! :bravo: