hi everyone! im new on here

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by catwoman73, May 24, 2011.

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    i am a single mom of a 10yr old who has adhd, odd & cd, does anyone have tips for meal times and bed times, plus i am finding it hard when ppl who go to my church are judging me for being a bad parent when my son steals from me, all the time! please help!
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    Hi there, hon, and welcome. Sorry you have to be here.

    I have a few questions that can help us help you. Can you go into some of his history? CD is not usually given as a diagnosis. to a young kid. Have you seen a c child psychiatrist or a neuropsychologist? How was his early development? Any medications and how did they work? Any psychiatric disorders or substance abuse on either side of his genetic family tree? That includes Dad even if he never met him because Dad still contributed 50% of his genes. How does he do in school? Does he know how to make friends/socialize? How are his life skills?

    The more you tell us, the better we can help with our guidance and opinions.
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    Hi. You've found a great place. You'll find lots of help, guidance and support here. You'll be inundated with questions, and you'll be baring your soul - how much, of course, is up to you. Your child is LUCKY to have a GREAT parent like you searching in all directions to help him grow into an adult.

    "Judge not lest ye be judged" Isn't that a golden rule or something? Let them walk an hour in your shoes, they'll see the light. If it's so bad that you find you can't bear it, 'shopping' for a new church might be the answer.

    Hope you stick around.
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    Another single mom here. Welcome aboard. I'm sorry the people you're around don't have (or don't want) the understanding needed to help support you in this.
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    Welcome catwoman. I have to concur with Kiesta and Hao about your church members judging your parenting skills. Let them walk a day in your shoes.

    You will find some great support and advice here. Once you provide more info and your signature I am sure others will be along ...
  6. busywend

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    Welcome to the site. Who diagnosis'd your difficult child?

    You will likely develop a think skin so the judgement does not affect you so much. It comes with the territory, unfortunately.
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    catwoman, I'm new here too and a single mom AND I have a ds who is 10 diagnosis with depression and anxiety. How I handled my church situation is that I got up in front of the congregation and I told everyone the truth about my son's diagnosis and tx. My son does not steal from me, (except to take food,) but he is violent toward me and sometimes acts up at church. He often lays down in a pew and reads a book or even falls asleep. He sometimes sits in the corner of the sanctuary and refuses to sit in a pew. I have given up trying to force him to go to religious ed, but I will force him to come to church with me. It is my safe haven and my spiritual uplift so ds has to go when I go!

    It was really hard to get up in front and tell the truth. I became emotional even though I had the whole speech planned out. There were members of the church who were very surprised to hear what I had to say. They thought that ds was just being "bad." One man in particular had tried to help me out by intimidating ds into sitting up in the pew. He even prodded him a few times. I could tell that man was really listening to what I had to say. Four individuals came up to me afterward to thank me for saying what I did.

    As far as meal times go I'm not sure exactly what you are referring to, but it might be something you can save yourself a lot of grief on by just giving him what he likes. My kids ate nothing but chicken nuggets and french fries, (baked at home,) for 8 or 9 months. Oh, they also would eat peas.

    Bed time - ds has taken melatonin to help him sleep, (insomnia.) It's a natural herbal remedy, so it may just be a placebo effect. I am not a medical doctor and I know nothing about drug interactions so you should check it out with your son's doctor first.