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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Martie, Oct 5, 2007.

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    As I hope you know, I am trying to get respondents for the Adult Outcomes Survey.

    i apologize for not being here as much as I should to "nag" you to PLEASE TAKE THE SURVEY!!!! Yes it is long, yes it is detailed, but you can do it in more than one sitting.

    Currently we have 41 respondents, and of those 30 are 100% finished. If you started it, please come back to it to finish. If you have a child 17 or older PLEASE do this.

    For those of you who know me, I have a bit of news: part of the reason I have been AWOL is I am trying to catch up on work so I can go to NYC tomorrow.

    MrNo is giving a concert on Monday as a result of his winning a regional competition of the American Guild of Organists Young Performers in June. It is really a major accomplishment for him because for 2.5 weeks prior to the competition, he was in Korea and NOT practicing. I know I am his mother and always supposed to be in his corner no matter what, but I was astounded that he managed to pull this off----he was a bit jet lagged as well, and I just figured---Korea was more important and there will always be another competition. He won anyway.

    Anyway....I am off for this weekend, for a happy reason, but I would be even happier if there were LOTS of survey when I get back. We need at least 100 to analyze the results and have a chance of making an impact.

    Thanks for reading this.

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    Congrats to the proud mom!! WOW!!

    I wish I could help with the survey, but I don't fit the profile.


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    Thanks for responding and keeping this post "up"

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    I wish I could help with the survey, but my kids are too young.

    Glad you can travel to New York to hear MrNo play. How very exciting!
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    Martie, enjoy your time away!

    I hope you get the responses you need for the study.
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    Enjoy the concert! How cool is that! Sorry I don't fit the profile for the survey.
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    The most interesting thing about your survey to me, was the patterns I saw in my sons behavior with and without therapy. Some of the questions made me really think back to that time and trance out, but it was an easy click on the dot survey, and for the sake of helping other kids in the future? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

    -If you aren't sure about doing this survey you need to know this: 1.) it's anonymous - just asks for an email.
    2.) there are questions that are asked where you have an option to
    click I PREFER not to answer.
    3.) IT HELPS FUTURE GENERATIONS....don't you want to be part of the

    4.) Martie is just so danged nice.

    C'MON EVERYONE........GO DO THIS....you won't miss 20 minutes of your day and you may learn something about how your child has changed. It's really quite interesting.
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    I, too, hope that this valuable study gets the requisite number of respondents. My daughter as well as many of the younger kids on the site may benefit from your experiences.
    Martie's team put together a survey a while back that made quite a ripple because WE showed that bad parenting wasn't necessarily the cause of our children's struggles. This flew in the face of so-called common knowledge that portrayed us as uneducated and ill-equipped to be parents. That study wouldn't have moved forward without the overwhelming number of responses from parents like you and me.
    This study, I believe, could very well mark the beginning of real change in the educational system, judicial system and mental health fields. It's time for a realistic and true picture of our families to be presented. I ask that all parents please contribute to this worthwhile study. For once, we can really make a difference.
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    I have a question? It said for adult outcome survey...I could also take it for ME! That would be two for one.
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    You cannot take it for YOU, but if anyone has TWO or more difficult children 17 or over, take it once for each. i know it says pick the child with the most severe problems,but we are having N problems, so I will gladly accept any difficult child siblings who are old enough.

    I off to the church to listen to Mr No practice for tomorrow. Just like old times: he practices, and I sit in the back grading papers.

    Janet, you crack me up. :rofl:

  13. DammitJanet

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    Well...Im over 17 and Im a difficult child...lol
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    I need your MOTHER or FATHER to take it. I'm sorry, but I cannot recall if that is possible.

    If so, either one of them may report on "difficult child Janet."

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