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    I want to first let everyone know I got the test results back from my cat scan done today and it was not good news.. I MIGHT have cancer in the c7 location of my neck, I got to go see a specialist. I'm scared to death.. So please keep me in all your prayers I really need them this time around..

    Second I need some advice I got a boyfriend and alot that know me on here, know that he can be a real **** most of the time. Well I ment this really nice guy online and we have been talking for awhile and I ment him today for the frist time. I haven't felt the way I felt when I was with him in a long time. I dnt know what to do. I was happy. Completeiy happy. Any advice..
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    Prayers are sent your way plus wishes for effective treatment asap to help you heal and move past this.

    Since you ask, might I suggest that it seems that making a move into a new relationship may be risky/might complicate things; are you still with the boyfriend you mentioned?

    Personally, I know that when I am upset and stressed, I am vulnerable. It might be helpful to first seek some alone time, do things therapeutic for you, and take your time before thinking about moving to a new relationship. Just my opinion for whatever it is worth.
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    I am sending strength and healing thoughts your way. Try to stay calm and relaxed. Deep breaths and peaceful thoughts. This is scary, however, it is not yet a sure thing. Listen carefully to what the doctor has to say - there will be hope in his/her words. Follow the advice carefully and keep us posted.

    As for the new friend - we usually see the good side of people before we get to know their harder-to-live with side. I bet your boyfriend makes you feel the same way when you don't have the 24/7 living with each other issue.

    I tend to agree with Marilynne - you are very vulnerable right now. You may not be up to watching for red flags in a new relationship. You need to be very careful about meeting guys on line. Take care of yourself first. Examine your relationship with your boyfriend. If you feel you need to end that one - deal with that before starting anything new. Relationships can complicate things to no end and you do not need that right now.
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    I'm sorry to hear about the possible cancer. Make sure you follow up and get into the specialist ASAP.

    Honestly, with that going on, do you want to complicate your life with this new guy? If you have to go through chemo and radiation, who is going to get you through that? You need a good support system in place, especially with your son.