hi guys, popping in to help a friend.

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    my friend in kansas has a son who's in 6th grade who has a diagnosis of BiPolar (BP)/ADHD. He is always going after her younger sons (4 & 2) and tries to choke them. He is Abilify & wellbutrin. She says she has services for him through the county she lives in. But she says they're saying because her son is being non-compliant with therapy that they're threatening to close his case. I guess I should be thankful for living in NJ, because the services may not be perfect but they're 10 x's better than her's in kansas.

    She is overwhelmed and I told her I'd check in with you guys for your thoughts. I know in NJ that Mobile response & the police would be options, but I have never had services threaten to close a case for a kid's non complaince. Ecspecially a 6th grader.

    Thoughts & Imput appreciated. AOG
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    Do you know who did the diagnosis? Also, he's non-compliant for a reason. difficult child 1 becomes non-compliant with his Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) because she is VERY boring and he has to sit still for the whole 45 minutes and she has a very quiet, monotone voice that he says is annoying. I am thinking of finding a different Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). difficult child 1 also became very non-compliant when he was on the wrong medications. Talk therapy is NOT a good option for difficult child 1 either. For many kids, that isn't going to do much. difficult child 1 also needs to know WHY he has to do certain things and if he doesn't agree or doesn't really understand the explanation, he won't cooperate. Before they close the case, they really need to try to figure out WHY he doesn't want to cooperate. Tell them to read the book The Explosive Child or Lost at School, both by Ross Greene. Have your friend read one of the books and see what she can figure out in regards to WHY.

    Those are just my experiences so take 'em or leave 'em.
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    Gosh. This is beyond my scope. But I'll send hugs.
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    Ask your friend who did the diagnosis and if he has had a complete six to eight hour neuro/psychological evaluation to make sure the diagnosis is correct. Has she contacted the MH group in her area or her State?
    Frankly my gut tells me she may have misunderstood...or perhaps they were threatening for effect? I sincerely doubt that a State can cut off services for a child who is obviously in neeed. Get back and let us know. DDD
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    They should not be closing his case for a reason like 'not being able to provide appropritae services' without referral to another agency. Him being a young child, his noncompliance shouldn't even come into play. I'm not sure how to pursue that-I think she should call the higher-ups in the state agency providing those services. Maybe she can bug them until they do something. I'd pursue that route then in the meant time, anytime there is a major issue at home, call the public (gov funded) crisis center- even if that's once a week- or show up there and refuse to leave until help is given- even acute care. That will get something rolling.