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    Shortly, I will be trekking out to yet another IEP meeting. So far, the least prepared of any I have gone to...not proud to say. difficult child 1 is 21 this year. I guess 19 years of difficult child-ness, with the prospect of at least 10 more, is taking its toll.:whiteflag:
    I spoke to the advocate this morning. She really must not have read Wee's file last year. She's on it now, tho. She thinks we should get his IEP changed to an Learning Disability (LD) IEP, or at least get the severity of his Learning Disability (LD)'s added to the current one. She is afraid they may want to try another placement, and without the Learning Disability (LD)'s addressed in the IEP, other placements they could come up with could be equally ill-equipped to handle his academic needs. And really, its a chicken/egg thing at this point...there is not doubt the boy has issues beyond just Learning Disability (LD). He was hyper in-utero. He basically hit the ground running...but at this point, the majority of his behaviors are linked to academic requests....so... (where's the chicken/egg emoticon?)
    So, today, our goal is to get the Learning Disability (LD)'s in the IEP, get a plan in place for remedial coursework, and get them started on some assistive technology trials. The "its almost fhe end of the year" argument will be countered swiftly...we sat by the last 6 weeks of school last year thinking "next year will be better" and here we are, another year down the road, another year, for the most part, a wash. We don't have more years to waste. 6 weeks is 6 weeks. We will be using it.
    On the stupidly happy note, (against my better judgement because I had things that I "needed" to do) I took my horse out to work last night and he was amazing. I'm really excited about how well he did; he was spot on and I loved it. And the cat had her kittens in the laundry hamper. Wee came FLYING out of the house and ran into husband first, who was working on the tractor in the barnlot. I could hear Wee's frantic voice over the tractor from a good quarter mile away. Later, I found out he witnessed the first kitten's arrival and was worried about mama cat because there was blood. At last check, there were 4 "little darlings". He should be home from school any time now, so I will be hearing about them soon, I'm sure.:D

    And 5 minutes after posting, I got the kitten update.... (as scribed by the sitter) "soooooooooo cute! they are calico lookin."
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    These sound like steps in the right direction at least. Keep plugging away!!
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    Aw, calico kittens! I have a calico cat, she is so sweet. Congrats
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    I'm a tad confused Shari, I thought his lds were already addressed in his IEP since he's in resource half the time -- was resource just for behavior?
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    Yes, resource is just for behavior. His IEP is built on emotional disturbance. Very little of the Learning Disability (LD) stuff is in his IEP at this point.

    Well, I say that, the resource room is partly because of his inability to learn in the mainstream room that was making him fall further behind on the academic goals in his iep.