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    :sad-very:I am a parent who has a child who already has been labeled ODD. He was diagnosed with it several years ago. Now it looks like he may have Conduct Disorder. He has been jailed 3 times in the last year. The last time was the day after Christmas if you can believe that. I am totally worn down and discouraged. What do you do when you know your child is going to do something unthinkable he already has when he threatened to slit his brothers throat and actually picked up a knife to do it. You know that he is a ticking timebomb just waiting to go off and you are the one who lights the fuse. My whole family is worried about what he is becoming. He shows no remorse and blames everyone but himself for what happens. He got out of jail this time because he manipulated the Doctor in charge by telling him he was at fault when he had already said it wasn't his fault it was mine and that I should be in jail not him. We have been in councelling since he was 6,11 years now and he takes medications that don't seem to help. I don't know how I keep going some days. I want to give up walk away but my family needs me. I know that some day he is going to do the unthinkable and wind up in prison for it and so the people who are trying to help him. Got any ideas? I am lost, scared and looking for help. His Psychiatrist does not want to put the label of conduct disorder on him since it carries such a bad stigma but what am I to do? Talk about not having a life that is me. I just plug on and hope that each day is not the day he goes too far and winds up in kids prision until he is 21 or older. He just turned 17 last week.
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    Hi Bigmummy, welcome

    Find a new psychiatrist. Who cares about labels if you get the kid help?

    What was your son like as a baby? Did he stay awake most nights? Scream a lot? Crave physical contact? Crave certain foods? Hoard? I need more background information.

    If you got a good diagnosis, how would you get your son to accept it? Are there times when he will sit down and talk to you?
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    Sounds very scary. Is there any way to have him placed out of the house?

    by the way, welcome-glad you found us, sorry you needed to.
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    Hello and Welcome!

    That psychiatrist is not doing you any favors by "sparing" your son a diagnosis. He either has Conduct Disorder or he doesn't. Sounds like it's time to get a second opinion.

    If your son is a danger to his family, then you all have the right to protect yourselves. Call the police every time. If he even threatens to hurt someone--call the police...don't wait for him to act on it. If he goes to jail for his actions or his threats, that is his choice, not yours. You must do what you can to protect those you love.

    You have found a really supportive group here...We will lend all the help we can.